Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Sigh of Relief

Did you miss me?
Wonder where I have been?
The yearly Galbreath Reunion...#107

Last year I was so worried, only 18 came to our reunion.
I was so concerned that it was just myself and my cousin holding it together.

But this year was a complete turn around!
I planned a 3 day weekend.
We had people from Seattle, San Antonio, Maryland, Indiana, Iowa,
Colorado, AZ and all over Illinois

First day I got there the doorbell rang at 1515 and it was cousin Fran from Maryland.
We had lunch and then dinner with the twins and the Texas cousin and that was Thursday.

Friday my cousins from Indiana arrived and we in this new age text messaged everyone to come to lunch at our favorite new place.
meeting cousin Greg and wife Linda for the first time
You have to remember we are cousins through our 3rd or 4th Great Grandparents

Then some hanging out at that

That night we did our annual Ribs at Roc's in Charleston
prior to my cousin David's book signing
18 of us! that was how many there were at the reunion last year!

cousin Gregg, Bob and Cleone meeting
Their Great Grandfathers were brother and as we found out
fought in the Civil War together.
Lois is from AZ, and I had never met her, she was so sweet.
And even though the twins are not related they came and joined us
because everyone wants to be related to them!

cousin David ready to do his book signing 
appreciate Bob Bertrand for opening his Pensees Bookshop for the signing

The next day was the workshop I had put together
but something happened along the way there......
I was rear ended!!
By the Assistant Regional Superintend of schools so I took the 
opportunity to discuss the Charleston Riot and the schools participation.
The policeman said that the superintend said I was the nicest person
he could ever of ran into.
So I was late for the event I was hosting by only 10 minutes.
But I was frazzled the rest of the day.

26 showed up for the Genealogy workshop!
I was so very happy
Our focus was our family during the Civil War
But the highlight was the appearance of the family bibles!
cousin Gregg touching the 1767 Mitchell Bible that was hidden
in the trunk under my 5th Great Grandmothers dress when then the 
British stormed the spring house they were hiding in during the Battle of Guildford Courthouse NC.
My 4th Great Grandfather's birth recorded in it 4th May 1774

Bob and Judy entertained us with Civil War music and music they have written
about our families adventures!

Some of us at 4pm went to the family cemetery
My 3rd Great Grandfather who served 7 years in the Revolutionary War
and whom we honor

some of us were enjoying the baby calf's
or they watching us!?
that night a impromptu dinner for 10 at 1515 we had a blast!
and July in Illinois means fresh corn, green beans and tomato's!
cousin David and the twins held court and we laughed at the stories they told.
It was a late evening

The next day was the official reunion day
at my Grandmother and Great Grandparents church
getting the meal together
I asked cousin Lynn "when did it happen that we now are the ones getting the meal together?" It is like a coming of age thing we decided

cousin Phil who was President for many years

Jerry talks to his Aunt Janet who brought a display of her husbands things.
He was my Dad's first cousin and a well known archaeologist and Professor at SIU

I did a display and the bibles were there that day too.
the tables were full!
and how many were there?

I was so happy

Phil and dear cousin Fred have kept this going for so long.
We elected new officers and was so happy Phil's niece is the new president!
Bob and Judy played again and the Battle of Adam Mitchell they are going to put on You Tube!

We officially changed the reunion name to the 
Galbreath-Mitchell Reunion
I cried
I am such a sap
but I work so hard on this.
I ran cousins Bob and Judy out to St Omer cemetery
to see the orb tombstone of our distant cousin
they say one was a witch because her tombstone 
says she died Feb 31st.
I say she was the last to die and now one was there to point out the error

Time to say goodbyes
9 Descendants of my Great Grandparents
1933 when our parents were children
my dad is in the overhauls
with our Great grandparents
cousin Fred is the only one from the 1938 picture in the picture now
he is the little boy on the rt front and in the now picture
back row lt
times change but the love remains
look at my sweet daddy hugging his sister on the left

I would think Adam Mitchell and William Galbreath are pretty proud of their
Scottish Clan


Susie said...

Ann, I want to belong to your big loving family. The history is so mind boggling...I have never known anyone with as many family owned objects from so many years back. I truly admire all of you for keeping the family records.xoxo,Susie

Lottie said...

Oh Ann, I want to belong to your big loving family, too! What wonderful pictures, and what fun!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

What wonderful memories you shared in your post today.

Unknown said...

Wow! how lovely Ann that so many family members came together. It sure is a wonderful event and you should be proud of your hard work to put this all together. I'm sure everyone felt the happiness. Good job...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Oh, what a wonderful reunion you all had. Sounds like so much work went into it and how wonderful to have so much info to share with each other! You had a great turnout too! Love all of the smiling faces. Wish I could be a part of your clan! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pat said...

I'd say your family has grown to appreciate all the loving care you put into organizing this 3 day event!!! Here's to continuing a Family Tradition for 2014, dear friend!!!
P.S. YES!!! You were missed. . .but thanks to FB. . .I knew what you were up to!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping in to see me, Ann. Hope you've had a great Sunday.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

WOW, what a reunion! How nice,it looks like everyone was having a wonderful time! So much history there too! Have a great week!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Having access to the old family bibles was amazing. The orb headstone was interesting. I never saw one like it. It seems like your family has always taken an interest in being family.

Curtains in My Tree said...

you have such a love for your families past

I love genealogy studies

have you watched the show, Who Do You Think You Are? on Tuesday evening 8pm CST