Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vacation Starts With Enjoyment of Nature

I started vacation today!!
Off 17 days.
So I decided just to sit on the porch this morning
butterflies, cardinals and a surprise visit from my hummingbird.
So excited the hummingbirds are back!

But look at what was sitting near me.
A Momma Robin

I wondered about all the mess
she just sat there and did not mind me.
Now I am so glad I got my new camera
Pretty good from a distance away
There she sits with a watchful eye

So lets see if we can find some Pink since it is Pink Saturday?
my Clematis is blooming

Pansy and Boomerang Lilac Bush


Columbine from my Mom's yard
and my Pink Lily of the Valley

Korean Lilac

last of the tulips blooming, hosta, abstille and ferns are up

Ferns that started at 1515 many years ago
My Mom took them to the house I grew up in, then she let 
me bring some to my house here.
Maybe it is time to take some back to 1515.

Headed to 1515 on Monday
So much work to do on the Charleston Riot planning.
Meeting Monday as I should call it.
Then Tuesday will be going to the auction with my friend.
Thursday, cousins start coming and Friday and Saturday the fun,
laughs and tears will be in abundance!
we work a little
we pose a little
yes...alcohol may be involved
we do silly things!
Deck sitting
and we will gather on the porch
just as our parents, grandparents and great grandparents did.
How blessed are we.


Susie said...

Ann, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Have a great time with your family memebers too. It does look like such fun. You sure have some beautiful flowers there. xoxo,Susie

On Crooked Creek said...

Your vacation sounds much like my retirement beginning last year. I just wanted to sit on the porch, the deck...wherever and experience the freedom to enJOY my surroundings!!!
What a busy and happy time with this upcoming festivity and the gathering of family!!!
I'll be watching for some amazing post as you capture it all and then share with us, dear friend!!!

Claudia said...

Enjoy your vacation. I love the robin and the placement of her nest. Bless her heart and happy mother's day to you and mama robin!