Tuesday, May 21, 2013


No not the snake, the men that were named

I don't normally do this but I need your assistance.
If you are my blog friend you know I am the 
Chairperson of
150th Anniversary of the Charleston Riot

Why you ask? It is a story a grew up with.
Hearing my elderly Grandfather talk about his 
Grandfather, Young Ewing Winkler

long story short...
he was a childhood friend of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln's family and friends lived in Coles County
Young Ewing did not believe in the war, he had
7 sons, 5 were of age.

March 28, 1864
a gun battle erupted on the lawn of the 
Coles County Courthouse
9 dead 12 wounded.
Young Ewing shot in the shoulder
his son Robert shot in the hand
My GGUncle never heard of again
Another GGUncle died while imprisoned at a Fort after being arrested.

They were all pardoned 2 days before the 1864 election by
President Abraham Lincoln

I have always thought the story was too important to forget,
hence my work to bring the Charleston Riot to life

Well, seems Director Ron Maxwell of
Gettysburg fame has made a new movie....
How timely?

The movie is in minimal release
if we have enough people demand it they will bring it to Charleston!

Can you please go on line
demand it for
ZIP CODE 61920
her is the link

help my town of 21,000
home of many Copperheads
beat our LA and NY

Dear friends I thank you in advance.
I feel like I might see a glimpse of
Young Ewing Winkler


Susie said...

I have never heard of this. I will do what I can . xoxo,susie

Paulette said...

Done. Hope this will allow the movie in your town. Off to tell my daughters.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

All, how wonderfully interesting! I'd love to see this movie. And it is part of your heritable!What a wonderful looking movie!