Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For a Good Girl

I have always strived to be
A Good Girl
I can honestly say I never gave my parents a
moment of grief.
I think the worst thing I ever did was to get a
speeding ticket on my way to 1515 to see
my Grandfather.
I was going 34 in a 30.
To this day when I drive down 7th street
I think of that.
My Dad could not of been nicer about it.

Maybe I come from a long of
Good Girl's?
Over Christmas my SIL and BIL from Texas
went to an estate sale and I could not help but bring this home.
The person apparently collected old cups like these.
This one has a chip, but for $5 it was calling me to take it home.
It could of belonged to a little girl like my Grandma
A gift from a Grandparent or Aunt.
My Mom was a Good Girl
I am sure
The apple of her parents eye.
I wonder who was the
Good Girl?

I guess I am glad I have led a good life.
Maybe the speeding ticket is my chip?
We all have a few chips, but try to live a good honest life.
Someday I am sure it will pay off, it already
has in the joy of love from my family.

Are you a Good Girl??

I must be doing something right
I won a beautiful handbag
necklace from Roxie at
Sweet Vintage of Mine
How exciting is that!
Please stop by and visit Roxie and her blog.
Love how she and her husband rehab
vintage garden gliders, the pink one
got me at hello!

Really sharing my CUP!


Jill said...

Hope so!!

Love this post - the pics are sweet and the cup is pretty cute too!!

Susie said...

Ann, I was blessed with good little girls. I miss them being my little ones too. We need more good little grils and boys, I'd say.I love that sweet cup. It is meant for you. xoxo,Susie

Tete said...

<3 I have not always been a good girl...I was a preacher's kid. We are the worst of the bunch sometimes. Well, we just always got caught because everyone is watching you so close. ;)
Love that little cup. Maybe your grandma and her are friends having tea in heaven and led you to the cup so you could join in their tea party.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Afternoon Ann! This is the first time I have ever seen "For a Good Girl cup"! It is darling...I have to keep an eye out for one! Thank you for the extra SWEET comments about my blog and noticing we rehab VINTAGE GLIDERS! The VINTAGE GLIDERs and metal chairs are my #1 viewing posts! Your vintage coin purse necklace will be shipped tomorrow...from one good girl to another~~~Roxie

On Crooked Creek said...

There must be something going around as we, too, are looking through vintage photos and enjoying them immensely!!! Love, love, love all your vintage family photos!!!

NanaDiana said...

I just knew you were always a good girl, Ann. I was sassy mouthed but good overall! lol I LOVE that cup- I have never seen one anything like it-xo Diana

NanaDiana said...
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Debbie said...

I tried to be a good girl...emphasis on "tried". That cup is so pretty, and I'm sure it fits you perfectly, Ann. I like this post, very sweet, and interesting, too.
I hope you feel better soon.

Lottie said...

Ann, the photos are absolutely precious! And the cup is wonderful! I always feel blessed when I visit your blog. Have a great week!

Vintage Gal said...

Ann, love these photos and the cup is beautiful. I would have snapped that up. I was a very good girl, heck I was out of college at 17. Guess what I did? Study, Study, Study ~ haha. I did not want to be in school. I wanted to work. Now I want to retire ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ann, I just knew you've always been a good girl! I love your sweet little cup and I wish it could tell us it's story! Now so you'll know...I've always been a good girl too! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Donna said...

That cup is just so sweet! And so is the picture of you when you were little! Am I a good girl? Well, I try, but I'm sure not perfect!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love the cup and the pictues. I always wonder who had all the treasures I find too. Hugs, Marty

SImple and Serene Living said...

What a sweet post. We all do have a chip or two or three or.......Well, I strive to be good :)

Anonymous said...

I am a good girl, and usually was thought of as being one, even when I wasn't.
But now I love goodness and good things. I actually was just thinking of goodness....and any goodness I have is a blessing from God.
Have a terrific day!

Debra at HOMESPUN: http://www.thehomespun.com said...

OH what a fun post! Love it! :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a precious cup and sweet treasure to keep for always. I try to be good. I am a happy person so that tells a lot, I think!

Antiques And Teacups said...

I love the cup, your memories and the wonderful photos. What a great post! Thanks so much!
Happy VTT!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

Great pictures I liked the story around the cup.


I loved your post about good little girls. Your cup is just perfect for you...a "good little girl"! I was a good girl myself, I didn't give my parents hardly any grief, except when I married hubby and came to live here in Ecuador, SA, in 1975.. my dad was very sad...it was so far away in those days! I have two girls myself, although they are good girls, they did make me suffer when they were teens. Thanks for your sweet comment. Hugs,

LV said...

Nice job tying the vintage into the present. I loved the one of the little girl looking in the mirror. Darling shot.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

It's great being a good girl. Congrats to you too! Your lovely pictures are so special. The darling little cup is so sweet. Enjoy the rest of your week from your newest follower, Linda

GardenOfDaisies said...

Such a sweet cup and adorable baby picures of all of you. I was a good girl too. Sorta. I know there were times when my Mom got really frustrated with me and I'd get sent off to Grandmas... which I LOVED. (maybe I was being naughty on purpose?)

Denise Marie said...

Sweetness! Can U imagine how special she felt.

Sweet Woodruff said...

What pretty things. I love that cup!!! Really love it. The photos are sweet too. I found you via Share Your Cup. Oh, and I was a good girl too. A real goody goody...most of the time. haha And my daughter never gave us a moments grief either.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Such a precious post Ann! Love your darling good girl mug and your wonderful photos. I can't believe you were given a ticket for going four miles above the speed limit, that's so harsh. Meanies!

Happy VTT!

Nancy said...

How sweet your mother looks and what a beautiful cup you found!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Oh sweetie, no surprise to me that you were a good girl. Now you are a good woman. I too was a good girl. I was the youngest of 8 and by the time I came around my mother was so lenient. I had no curfew time to be home and she pretty much let me do what I wanted. Never felt the need to abuse her trust. Still have a hard time breaking rules. lol! Some of us are just not born to be rebels. Love the sweet cup and the pictures are precious. All are darling, but I adore the one of grandma on the chair! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.