Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Hoosier Cabinet

For Fall when I showed you my kitchen, I had a picture of my Hoosier cabinet and realized I never done a post on it.

It is so precious to me because my Mom and Grandfather got it for me as a Christmas present some
18 years ago.
I found it at a antique store in an old log cabin house in Oakland IL (home of Tete).
When we would go there, I dreamed of having it as mine one day.
Well, as you know it did. My Mom and Grandfather had it delivered all the way to St. Louis for me.

I was cleaning it up for Christmas
I like it because it had all the bells and whistles.
A bread box drawer, rolling pin holder, flour bin......and might I say it was pretty authentic,
it had flour still in the bin!
I love decorating it and it has always been a centerpiece of my kitchen.
When I purchased my house, I had to make sure I bought a home with a wall
big enough for it.

I found some eyelet shelf paper in my hometown when the dime
store was still open.
The upper cabinet houses my collection of Cameo Depression glass.

all the pulls, latches etc. are original

Canisters for your salt, pepper, baking powder

The inside holds vintage cookbooks and my Mother's and Grandmother's recipe boxes.
I found some recipes I copied for my cousins that were their Grandmother's.ssshhhhh
don't tell them they won't know they are in Germany!

3 small drawers, this one holds my baking items from my childhood.
My little rolling pin, baking pans and cookie cutters.

A great place to store my dish towels

The side drawers, one holds my Mom and Grandmother's cookie cutters.
The others are a silverware drawer and a drawer with all those recipes we saying were going to make when we cut them out of the paper but don't!

a pull out cutting board

At Christmas, I always tie on my apron on the left and my Mom's on the right.
I remember cooking and laughing in the kitchen I grew up in with these on.

I think I always wanted one because I remember that at 1515, my paternal Grandmother had 2.
One in the kitchen and one on the back porch.
My one cousin still has one of them

I better go finish my decorating!

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Vintage Gal said...

Love that hoosier. What a beauty and it holds so many memories ;-)

LV said...

You are very fortunate having all those vintage treasures. That Hoosier is great and a real keeper.

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

I love that hoosier. It really is special and how sweet, I love the two aprons, yours and your mom's that you display at Christmas.

ann said...

Your hoosier brings back some grand memories. My best friend's aunt had one. She was known for baking cookies. Her cookie jar was always full and sat on her hoosier where all of her cook books and baking supplies for the cookie make were kept. While hers did not have the leaded glass doors, it still had charm. Yours is beautiful and looks like it holds a lot of wonderful memories, too.

GardenOfDaisies said...

I love your hoosier cabinet! What an amazing gift that was! I love that it is filled pieces that remind you of your childhood and time with your mother and grandmother.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I'm always blown away by all the stuff you have from when you were growing up. I think it's extraordinary. As I said before (I think) your Hoosier is fabulous. I don't know any sane person who doesn't want one! haha!

Deborah said...

What an awesome piece and how lucky you are to have it.

Michelle said...

I really need a hoosier cabinet for my old house. Yours is gorgeous!

Gail said...

What a gorgeous piece of furniture! I love your Hoosier Cabinet. What a great place to store your family's treasures.

Rebecca said...

What a great piece! And I love where it came from. I always want my hubby to do things like that, but I'm always disappointed that he never does. What a wonderful follow thru to get it for you and send it all that way-what a great gift!

Honey at 2805 said...

What a great cabinet! What a special beauty.

The silver tree was so easy and quick! I see you have enough cookie cutter to do one of those too!

c. Joy said...

Your cabinet is beautiful. I like how you've made it your own - great cookie cutter drawer. Happy Thursday.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Ann, you always have something that fascinates me. You NEVER disappoint, ever.
LOVE your HOOSIER treasure. Does it really make better bread in your eyes??? Just wondering.
WOW again gf.

Claudia said...

That Hoosier cabinet is gorgeous! I've always been a fan of them - they are designed so well and provide valuable storage besides!


Pam Kessler said...

I'm so jealous. Your Hoosier is gorgeous. Love the glasswork on the doors and your cookie cutter drawer.

Spott2 said...

Does anyone know the cost of purchaseing one? Thanks

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi, I recently found a Hoosier in my grandparents basement. It belonged to my great great grandmother, she lived from the 1860s to 1952. It appears to be a very similar one if not the same one, the glass is identical. I'd like to know how old it is. Do you know when yours was made? what company made it?

Betsy said...

We're building our retirement home and I had to have a Hoosier as the baking center of it. I found a wonderful 1 online. We purchased it and had it shipped all the way from Vermont to Wisconsin. We can hardly wait to have the house finished and to lovingly use this piece of history!