Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pink Saturday

A couple of weekends ago Mr. Sentimental and I went to do some work on 1515.
Mr. wanted to sand and paint the porch floor and rails for me.
When he got the primer on it looked like this!

Pink Primer! I had to tell myself he is the professional, he has had a paint brush in his hands since he could walk.

I missed it but apparently several people yelled from their cars as they passed by "hey! great color". Oh and the neighbors had to come check it out too. It was Pepto Pink for sure!

On Sunday morning I did a double take glancing in the living room.....there was a pink aura glow coming through the lace curtains! We all laughed!!

I wonder what they would of done if we left it pink?

Have a Great Pink Saturday.....we sure did!!



Richard Cottrell said...

I think the pink is divine. Go for it. get post of Pink day. Richard from My Old Historic House. PS. Oct 8 and 9 is Applefest here in Clarksville, only 70 miles from St.Louis. My Old Historic House will be open both days for tours, would love to meet you. Richard

C'est moi Claudette said...

Weil I LOVE it.
I thought it was one of those... it goes on PINK and then turns to white???
My house inside is FULL OF PINK.

Babs said...

Pink-a-licous porch primer! Who knew? What color did you actually paint the porch after the primer dried?
Looking forward to seeing how it turned out. said...

That is certainly pink. Show us the after photo. I bet you did wonder where that pink glow was coming from!

Debbie said...

Wow!! that really is pink, isn't it?!!
Did you leave it that color?