Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday a Neighborhood Tour

I have taken you on tours of the neighborhood around 1515, but not at our house. I should of done it in the spring....but I was taking Heidi for a walk and I thought "take the camera". I don't know about you, I have trouble taking pictures when my 70llb German Shepard is pulling me! The houses were built around the turn of the century.

My next door neighbor...it's a love hate thing. Love her dearly but it is like living next to Martha Stewart!! She built a potting shed herself when she was 7 months pregnant....get my drift! I could not ask for better neighbors, honestly!!
They house has so many more architectural details than mine...sighhhhhhh.
Her side front yard on the side. Hi Rosie, Hi Shelby, Hi Casey. They always go wild when they see Heidi!

2 doors down they have a huge wisteria arbor going up to their front door. It did not bloom much this year? Sometimes people come to have their Senior/Prom pictures taken with it.
The "turret" house we refer to it. The layout is just like my house, but once again ALOT more character.

2 blocks away a wonderful little tea room. It has been in Victorian Home Magazine. It use to be a Doctor's home years ago.
Side yard that leads to an outdoor shaded patio, lovely!

Home again, I realized all the hanging baskets are on the ground. It rained yesterday and Mr. always puts them down to get rain water........I told him yesterday I think they are on the ground more than up!

Heidi's babysitter lives next door. Like I said I am blessed to have these neighbors, we are the last to move on the block and that was 16 years ago!!
View across the street

The Iris's are faded and the peonies are at the end, not much new blooming

My miniature Hollyhock blooming
Garden Gate
My New Dawn climber starting to bloom on the Cottage
My Annabelle hydrangea, not chewed to the stems this year, thank goodness!!
Ferns are HUGE this year.
Fountain clean and ready
The squirrels have not dug up my pots on the front porch yet!

Hope you enjoyed the neighborhood tour. I grew up in a small town on the main street. I am so glad I found this house years ago.......we garden together, we drink wine together and we celebrate life's good and bad together.  We sit on the porches and watch the kids ride their bikes, people walking their dogs and life go by. I can walk to my bank, car repair, jeweler, church, hairdresser and for a bite to eat. Living in an older neighborhood close to a downtown suits me so well.

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PS I have tried to leave comments today and it continually takes me back to sign in although I am already signed in. I even tried to tell Susan our hostess what a great variety of hosta she has but I can't! Aggravating!!


black eyed susans kitchen said...

I love Victorian architecture and the colors of the houses...and I love finding whimsical items in a garden. The Eiffel tower was a surprise.

Jocelyn said...

Love these amazing homes. Thanks for taking us on the tour.

Jocelyn @

Light and Voices said...

I dearly love those pots on your front porch!
Joyce M

ann said...

I did enjoy my visit to your neighborhood.

Ann said...

Very lovely neighborhood!!! All of the architecture is awesome. Love the hollyhocks.

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower!
I love your pretty blog banner, and those pink hollyhocks are scrumptiously blissful!

Come by and visit with me sometime....have a great night!

Ciao Bella!


Rebecca said...

I'm in love with that Doctor's house-anything from the Gothic period!!! Loved the tour of the houses and your yard. Wish you lived closer-we could swap plants! I plan to go camping that weekend-was supposed to go last weekend when it was going to rain-and then it didn't. I'll get you out here soon-I promise!

Anonymous said...

Blogger is still doing funny stuff! Loved your post today. I have always loved your header with all the old watering cans so I am delighted to see more of the neighborhood today. :)

Lottie said...

What a beautiful neighborhood! I like the idea of walking to church!