Sunday, December 29, 2019

A last look at Christmas

As usual it was a wonderful Christmas, 
from the 1515 party 
to having my brother and sister in law for Christmas dinner 
and enjoying my dining room.
Love my new friend my sister in law got me, his tree lights up!

As 2020 starts I think of all the things I wanted 
to do around the house this year and didn’t get done...again!
So I think I will make a list to refer to over the year and see if I can accomplish more.
I also hope to post more! 

Cousin Fred who I mention, his daughter from Seattle bought a little home down the street from 1515 to vacation at when she is in town. I have been so excited for her, because it reminds me of when I bought 1515. 
Her beautiful dining room, she brought this gorgeous dining set from Seattle that she got on Craigslist. 
The dining room has a built in hutch and she couldn’t wait to use her Grandmothers Fostoria and her Moms Pfaszfgraft. 
Beautiful hardwood floors, pocket doors and 2 front doors just like 1515.


 We had a wonderful dinner the first night I was in town, it was a great way to kick off 
the time at home
 She brought her cat with and had to be away a couple of days so I went over to take care of her.
I knew the dining room with that big bay window would be sunny during the day

This is going to be the music room, her husbands GGrandparents seat from Germany. 
She is going to put Fred’s Grand piano and our GGrandparents phonograph here.

Now on to 1515

 A trip to Terre Haute to get Mr a Christmas present!

 Fred and Mr enjoying his early present
 3 generations! The grandfather, his Mother and my Grandfather  were first cousins, but he was the executor of 1515 when I bought. His Grandaughter is a realtor and sold Fred’s daughters house to her! We keep it all in the family. 
 Went to a estate sale at a friends. She sold me tons of shiny brites! This bag of perfect bells $3!

 Don’t the twins look adorable in their plaids?
 Everybody brings such yummy foods!

 All my favorite guys
sunday after everyone left this happened! I happily was snowed in until Tuesday. 

 Love my little tree from Target, perfect for my new bells

 Finally the twins and Fred’s daughter made it over for dinner and cookie decorating. Christmas music, laughter, baking in my Grandmothers kitchen.

Merry Christmas from 1515
I hope yours was as blessed as mine.


Susie said...

Hi Ann, Oh so good to be back at the old house. To see all your family. I loved seeing the old dishes. Even though we never had anything so nice, I still remember seeing those patterns. The twins look great. I am happy you are able to enjoy such a great time at Christmas. Blessings for a wonderful new year. xoxo, Susie

Pat said...

Love, love, love that your family gets together during the Christmas Holiday
and that you're still making precious memories at 1515!
That snow on the bushes outside the window reminds me of my MoMa's 7 minute icing!
Gorgeous photos, inside and out, of a Christmas to remember!
I'll be watching for more frequent posts in 2020!
Happy New Year!

Ann said...

It was nice to see 1550 again and the twins. I bet it felt good to celebrate with them and the rest of the family. Happy New Year, Ann

Shirley said...

Hola.. que bien saber de ustedes por acá otra vez. Ver la casa y como mantienen la vida familiar...La nieve...que no la conozco ...pero se ve bien desde acá .aunque no aguantaría tanto frío.. Las hermanas gemelas con sus trajes de tartán...bellas...Feliz año 2020.. Y también espero ver más seguido las publicaciones. Saludos desde Costa Rica