Monday, June 23, 2014

Yard Sale Finds and More

Last weekend I was at 1515 for a long weekend.
No cousins in town..just me so I had to make my own fun.
Yard sale down the street from a sweet retired couple, cousin Marty and I had been there in October a couple years ago, and they had antiques.
they are selling their home and moving to Florida so everything was 
50% this tray was $1

I love this lemon wedge plate with pink roses and white hydrangea's.
so it was $5

a bone dish marked $1 so it was 50 cents
I use them to put my reading glasses in

It was a busy weekend
New Farmers market to visit
Friday cousin Fred and I went driving through the country and to a state park for lunch
We went to a cemetery where my 3rd Great Grandmother is buried
My Father's side of the family starting in 1836
my cousin who came to the Riot her ancestors
But NO
I looked just past it and saw this, screamed and scared cousin Fred
Jane Devers in my Maternal 3rd Great Grandmother
and there she was.....all by herself next to my Paternal family members?
I had her will, but she died in a neighboring county. Would of NEVER thought to look her.
The twins were in Canada but I had to call and tell them.
If you genealogy you know I just crashed through a huge brick wall.

This was Friday the 13th
another weird thing
Fred told me he had just restored my Great Grandparents
cylinder phonograph, "I wish I had the receipt" he said.
15 minutes before he picked me up I was going through one of their boxes..
you know what I am going to say?
I found the receipt for that phonograph from 1916 
right before Fred came, so you can imagine how astounded he was when I pulled it out and said
"here it is"
(I will save for another post)

Saturday I attended a encore performance of the play from the Riot
"A Question of Loyalty" at Lincoln Log Cabin.
Standing room only!

Sunday Fred and I went out for Fathers Day
Monday was lunch with cousin Karen

To end the weekend on Monday I was able to attend the 
Historical Society Founders Day Dinner
and accept an award for our work on the Charleston Riot
It was a great night.
Even better my Paternal Grandfather's 93 yr old Doctor was there.
He said "your Grandfather would be so proud of you"
It meant alot because of my Grandad Winkler I did the Riot Commemoration

Another blessed weekend
and this one was too!
My nephew got married
My husband is so happy when he is with his brothers.
Mr is on the rt and is the baby boy

Thanks for going with me on the journey of the last week!



Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Congrats Ann! You deserve it for all the hard work, time and effort you put in! Great photo.

Your grave marker and receipt finding stories are almost eerie. :) Love your finds, beautiful. Looks like a fun filled weekend.

Olive said...

You finding the receipt is remarkable. I love the bone dish-putting glasses in it is a great idea. Olive

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Ann, Your flower box on your shed is adorable sweet!! And also Congrats on all your dedication to the Charleston Riots and the history of searching out your family tree....awesome!! How fortunate/blessed you are to know so much and it's close to you. Roxie

Pat Cantwell said...

A b u s y week indeed, dear friend!!!
Love all your treasures. . .but finding family is "the best" treasure!!!

Susie said...

Ann, I love all your good pictures and all that goes on in your life. So interesting. Thank you for telling what the little plate is...I did not know. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

ann said...

Some garage sales are worth the effort. You did well. It is exciting to find a lost relative and to be able to fill in one more blank. I have hit a dead end with my mother's father's side. I find my great great grandfather I n New York on one census, than nothing. I think I need help.