Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thank You Uncle Harold

June 6, 1944
A young man from Charleston IL was on one of the landing craft boats that day 
in the middle of the English Channel, thousands of miles from home anticipating the landing
on French soil.
his parents and I am sure my Grandmother (his sister) were wondering about him that day when they heard about the invasion.

So many did not come back.
How fortunate our family was that he did.
Luckily he was also able to document his days following.
He in later years did some interviews for books, newspapers etc.

He came home and got married in 1947
had twins in 1950

My how my life would be different if things would of had a different outcome 
that day 70 years ago.
I am blessed to have his 2 daughters, my cousins in my life.
If you follow my blog you know the twins

So many lives were changed that day.
Sons, Husbands, Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, 
Cousins and childhood friends sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
Take a moment to think about them, think about D Day.
Did it change your life in a way you never considered before?

Thank you Uncle Harold,

Love, Ann


Susie said...

Ann, I am so glad your uncle came back home too. He had those fun twin cousins for you. Thanks to your family members who have served our country. xoxo,Susie

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

What a nice post. So glad he came home safely.
I so appreciate his service to our country.


NanaDiana said...

Ann- I love those twin cousins of yours. They just look like a lot of laughs- my kind of gals! I am glad your Uncle made it home! xo Diana

ann said...

I watched NBC news last night as it came from France. We have no idea, do we? Men nearly a hundred years old returning to celebrate victory again, mourn their lost companions, and honor their service. God bless our soldiers.

Pat Cantwell said...

Not a family in America has escaped the changes that war brought about.I am continually thankful for my freedom and the privelege to call myself an American citizen!
The childhood photo of the twins is priceless!!! No doubt those early smiless were for their Daddy. . .your Uncle Harold.

Olive said...

It is wonderful you are so close to the twins. I was just remarking to Joe that I want to visit Normandy. This 70th Anniversary has meant so much. So may lives lost that day. so much given to save our world as we know it. xo, Olive

Martha said...

What a great post!