Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Wee Bit of Irish Learned from My Mother in Law

I don't claim any Irish, hey.... we were Scotch and we just dropped by Ireland on the way to America!

But my MIL is Irish
Beasley and Sullivan
When I married my husband I realized she collected Belleek and she had Waterford Crystal.

So I thought I would share this picture of her today, one of my favorites.

I don't remember what she said the occasion was but she was opening up her home for a house tour and she was displaying her Belleek.

Beautiful pieces
but what amazes me is, how did she collect this and keep it intact raising 8 children!!? 6 of which were boys!
After my in laws moved to a Retirement Village she gave all her daughter in laws pieces.

When I graduated from High School my Grandmother's neighbor gave me my first piece of Belleek which was a vase, seen in the center of my collection here.

I was lucky to be given the pink shell Belleek pieces from my MIL collection
go great with my French St Patty's postcards I picked up in Paris a few years ago.

Think I will go call my MIL, wish her Happy St Patrick's Day, thank her for the Belleek and tell her how much I love her!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

100th Anniversary Pyrex

Pyrex is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.
And they may of caught on that some of collect Pyrex?

They came out with anniversary pie plates, measuring cups and some dot bowls.
There is a Corning outlet not far from 1515 so I went in and promptly purchased 
10 pie plates! My girlfriends are giving their daughters the items for Easter.

They did not have everything just white, blue and turquoise dot bowls, measuring cups and the pie plate. So one of my friends ordered on line more items......lime green measuring cup and dot bowl for me! I wish they would of done pink. Pyrex said they will introduce more items this year.
Anxious to see them.

love the graphics so I may just hang this on the wall at 1515?
What do you think are you going to pick some up for yourself?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Honor

Well, I have not posted in a month, the time goes by fast and so much happens.

My cold came back and was worse and I actually called in sick to work Tuesday.
They have been changing our benefits at work, and may I say not for the better.
Seems to add to my insecurity of how life will be the next few years.
I had 520 hours of Extended Illness time banked, well they have taken the banks away from us.
All those years I had it, never calling in ill or being out for a extended time over the last 30 years.
I find it very sad.

The month was also personally sad for me. When i was a Head Nurse I had the same Assistant Nurse Manager, my dear Minnie.
I use to kid Minnie and tell her "I know how long you have been at the hospital because it is the same age I am"
Yes she came to the hospital as a 18 year old and retired in 2004 after 44 years.
She passed away, and it was hard to realize someone I shared all the happy and sad things of managing 125 employees was gone from my life.

Not only that but the twins (Susan and Sheryl) lost a young man who they treated as a son.
He was only 33 and had a allergic reaction to a antibotic and just dropped dead after telling his wife he did not feel well. He has 6 year old twins that Susan and Sheryl treat like Grandchildren.

So I keep hoping March delivers more happy times for those I love.

So here is the happy news!

yesterday I received a letter from the IL State Historical Society that 
The Charleston Riot Committee is being honored at the annual awards luncheon, held at the Old IL State Capital.
The play that was written for our event also is being recognized with a award.

Speaking of the Charleston Riot
In February my friend Harold Holzer, Lincoln Scholar was at the St. Louis Civil War Roundtable.
So I was able to go hear him speak.
Was so glad to see him and we did my first ever "selfie"
I need not to put my chin down but UP next time!

Harold recently received the Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize for his outstanding work and recently published book "Lincoln and the Power of the Press"

Hope this find you all well, have missed you and hope to be back to catching up with all of you.
I need to pull myself up and dust myself off.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gifts From the Heart

Aren't gifts from the heart the best?
I truly think so.
I am still putting away things in my dining room from Christmas.
They include the wonderful handmade things my SIL made me.

want to see?

she made me these adorable bottle brush trees on old wooden thread spools.

sprinkled with glitter, wrapped in ribbon

Parisian cards attached

bells and beads

yes she put her soul and heart into making them

I am hoping she reopens her Etsy store soon.
I told her this would be so cute for any holiday wrapped with different ribbon and cards.

That was not the only thing she made.
This one made me cry

a beautiful picture with my parents
their wedding picture and other snap shots of them
love it!
It needs to be hung in our bedroom.

It has been another crazy week around here.
Mr worked all last weekend on some of our pipes in the basement.
Then after getting out Aspen back for 2 weeks after a Uhaul hit my husband, the transmission and engine went out! Long story short, but the damage to the tire and rim, caused the issue with the transmission the led to the engine, but we can not prove it so..........

So here is Mr. on what happened to be his birthday with his new Dodge Durango.
May I say, it was way to cold to be a new vehicle!

here is my beautiful bouquet of roses Mr. got me for Valentines Day

Hope your Valentine was good and this week is even better!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Time for a little Valentine vignette
I had not given my Jadeite much attention lately, so how about center stage?
my Hoosier cabinet ready for Valentines Day
and a few of my Jadeite piece.

I remember on a trip with my Mom finding this creamer and sugar for about $3
I also like jadetie because it brought back wonderful memories of church.
Seems our those were our church dishes and I can remember putting money in a little jadeite bowl and Sunday School.

So are you ready for a cup of tea from a Jadeite coffee cup?

this one makes me think of Mr. because he makes me waffles.

Now for the Friendship
Look what Pam from 
Virgina Retro sent me!

it fits right in!

Happy Valentines Day to all my Blog Friends
and Friday is Mr. birthday so I will be making Brownies in his Mom's
heart shaped cake pan.

yes, Mr, and his Mom on his 1st birthday and see the heart shaped cake!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just Gotta Love a Auction! and Pyrex!

Near 1515 there is a Auction house that has a every Tuesday night auction and a once a month Antique auction.
It is the same place I got my Fostoria cake plate recently.
They have online bidding and they post pictures on FB and their website.
The pictures are not too clear and 40 items could be in one picture but I spotted this at the end of the table in one picture!
It was a gamble but boy did it pay off.
For Bluebirds for Patty in perfect condition

Pink Daisy 1 1/2 quart for me.
2 pieces of Gooseberry Pink for $4
I was happy when the girl from the auction house called and said I won.
Over the years I have been lucky in person...

the daisy set for another friend for $2.50

or my first Friendship pieces

I am afraid someone is going to catch on and I won't be so lucky.

My Pyrex buddies from work and myself all had the flu last week.
So Monday 2 of us are off and after a weekend of rest we are headed to 1515 for the day.
Seems the antique mall at home has a new vendor I spotted last weekend 
as I was starting succumb to the flu.
I snatched this up
Compass divided dish to go with my barbwire and

black snowflake
and do you see my Christmas tree mugs I have neglected to show you?
Bought them in Dec. I am still behind since my computer was dead for a month and now I left my camera at my in laws so i phone pics only.

So come shopping with me at the Copper Eagle

Jan is in the Grand Cayman Islands but I promised to pick up the pink lasagna.

anyone need a primary set? I am grabbing those 2 small red hostess bowls.

and it may not be Pyrex but I love the glassbake brown tulip

Patty wants to bring home the golden boomerang coffee carafe and 
the Turquoise Princess  Casserole
there is even more, a frosted garland Christmas casserole, daisy, barbed wire, another compass, friendship and butterprint.

Can't wait to go back Monday.
So it is a road trip, Pyrex and lunch with the twins.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blue Lusterware Tea Set.........and a Interesting Week

As the basement clean out begins I told you I found my Grandmother's Blue Lusterware Tea Set.
Along with some other lost treasures that have been packed away since my Mom died in 2002.
I can just hunt thought my basement for fun instead of going antiquing!
a wedding present of a blue Fenton candy dish and a opaque milk glass plate that was also Grandma's.

just one large plate
I can remember Mom would have it on her hutch

since I did not have anything on the buffet I put the set and plate there for January
The set has 6 cups/saucers, desert plates, creamer, sugar and the teapot.
All in good shape.
I wonder when she bought them? I do remember them on the shelf above the stove in the kitchen.
We would use the teapot from time to time when Grandma and I would have tea,

So far now they are on the buffet

Now for my week........and I have said this before here
It is always a traumatic month for me
My Dad died in January
Other traumas I don't want to bring up happened in January and you may remember 3 years the water mains broke at home and 1515 the same week. What is the odds of that?

So last Saturday Mr. calls me "I was in a accident" He was ok thank god and that is what is so important.
On one Stan Musial Bridge, a lost U-Haul change lanes and slammed into the Aspen
How he drove home on this I do not know!

Tuesday we had to put our precious Shadow who lives at the business to sleep.
Mr's constant companion, they spent more time together over the last 15 years than we have.
I named him Shadow because from the minute he showed up as a little puppy at the front gate, he followed Bob everywhere. My heart hurts for my sweet husband.
The same day my distant cousin whom I worked on the Charleston Riot with lost her mother.

Thursday as I was getting ready to head off to 1515 I got a call the water line had broken there and the city had turned off the water.
Thursday I still couldn't find a plumber...they all were busy so I spent the night with the twins.
Friday finally a plumber and only $169. The access panel had blown open and the cold air had gotten under the house.
My luck is turning?
My cousins both got ill and could not make the weekend at 1515.
Friday I went to the funeral and out with friends for dinner.
Well, I did not get out of bed until Sunday about 11am.
I was at the porcelain throne. I have not been sick like that in years.
The twins and Fred brought care packages and all I could think after 36 hours in bed was thank goodness no one was there.
Yesterday I finally ate something for the first time since Friday and drove myself back home.
I guess Christmas will still be up at 1515 in February!

Hard to believe but the Aspen was fixed already! Thanks State Farm for saying Mr should not drive it and got it fixed before they even got the police report to prove we were not to blame.

And sweet Mr. had made me homemade Chicken Noodle Soup 
and Boots couldn't wait to get on my lap.

Pray I make it through January without any more catastrophes.