Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn's Glory

It has rained almost everyday while I have been on vacation.
Luckily Saturday morning the sun came out for a short time.
So the cousins and I took a walk.
Want to walk my neighborhood with me?

 the house next door, my neighbor can't even make out her steps for all the leaves.

the colors are glorious this year

the house down the street is progressing nicely.

across the street

I love the sound of walking in the leaves

we had a storm a few nights ago and large limb came off, this may be it's last year of glory.

family home of a Mitchell cousin from the 1900's they are redoing

another Mitchell family home

new home just built where the Methodist Church was before it burnt
the church my parents were married in and both sets of Grandparents attended.

this home has a copper bath tub

this home is known for its vast display of day lillies

the house my Dad adored

the sidewalk back home to 1515

the grand old oak, it has been in all the outdoor family pictures since 1926
at 1515

cousins walking ahead
and people wonder why we can not wait to lay our heads at 1515

the sun has gone back in and we are back home from our walk

I hope you enjoyed your walk up Monroe and down Jackson.
I so love the neighborhood.
It looks pretty much the same as it did when my Grandparents moved there in 1926.

Sorry I have been away........

Saturday, October 4, 2014

One Leaf At A Time

Waking up to a cool morning, fall is in the air.
The leaves are falling and changing colors.
I just have to work one more week, then it is 2 weeks of blissful vacation.

Maybe I will get my fall decorating done then?
But for now, just a few things at a time.
When Mr. brought a box home from is Mom's as she was downsizing,
I did not pay much attention to this at first?
a white leaf dish

flipped it over and Mr did good again, more French pieces, just like our glasses he brought home!
My MIL has such great taste.

Add a touch of fall and............

add some acorns and I am ready for Fall

Mr. also brought another box of linens home from his shop,
a person who has antiques rented space but hasn't paid his rent in 8 months so........
I get little treats brought home now and then.

Have a Great Weekend!

(sorry I live in St Louis!)

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Roosevelt's Visit Coles County

Did you get to see the Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelt's?
I can remember when Presidents and politicians came to small towns.
I wish they still did that, but the word "small" keeps them away, not enough publicity or enough votes. How sad that is.

But back in October 18, 1939 the first lady
Eleanor Roosevelt came to Charleston

Eleanor getting off the train in Charleston

Cousin Fred who i mention frequently was there!
True he was 2 1/2 but good ole Aunt Annie documented it.

I so appreciate her diaries.
If something is mentioned, I just look up the day and see if she wrote about it.
Will we someday be looking back at selfies of a event?

Teddy Roosevelt also came through
This was in the paper on Wednesday
September 24, 2014 4:20 pm  •  
100 years ago, 1914
MATTOON -- Colonel Theodore Roosevelt passed through Mattoon at noon today on Big Four train No. 16 en route to his home in New York after a speaking tour during the last week. The former president spoke to a small crowd gathered at the station. Only a few people had learned that Roosevelt was to pass through the city and there was only a scattering of men gathered at the station to hear him. When the train pulled into Mattoon, Roosevelt was asleep and it was several minutes before he appeared on the steps. He was greeted with applause, then shook hands and spoke in support of Raymond Robins for senator. The colonel looked much older than when last seen. When asked about his physical condition, Mr. Roosevelt replied that it would take a big club to kill him.

If you saw the series you know he died in his sleep. It was said if he was awake he would of been fighting off death.

I just find it fascinating that these people did travel and meet the people.
I have been fortunate enough to meet Joan Mondale at the local mall in 1980
and President Ford at a small airport in Champaign IL in 1976.
Too bad the 2016 election won't take the politicians to the small towns to see how the majority of Americans really do live.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ummmm.........I know, More Pyrex!

After our friends big Pyrex Hunt of 2014 my friend remembered she had a orange Cinderella bowl to complete my long desired Friendship bowl set.
thanks Jan!

Now here is a question? I have owned my own sets of Pyrex as wedding presents for 34 years.
Did I never notice the Cinderella sets lip is bigger on one side than the other?
Look! at first I thought the bowl was wrong...but their all this way, guess I better go look in the cabinet at mine. How could  I never notice that? DUH!

I was at 1515 to help our local Five Mile House with their fundraiser.
They were the generous group that supported our Charleston Riot Anniversary.
On Friday they have auction items to set out and price. Many are vintage, I forgot to take pictures!
I will show you what I got when I get back there next month.
Well cousin Karen who lives in town was there and said did I know about the new shop that opened up by the RR tracks? Uh no!?
So as soon as we were done I headed there.
As I entered by eyes could not believe the FIRST THING I saw!

a friendship casserole!
I have most of them but for $10 I thought buy it.
When I got home I realized it is the Friendship Penn Dutch Promo!
So the lid is wrong and it is suppose to have a under plate.
I told the lady if she found more Pyrex my friends and I would be interested.
She said
"Honey, I got box after box of Pyrex out back in unopened boxes"
She took my name and # and suppose to call me when she unpacks them.
Maybe the lid or under plate will rise from the boxes?

I also ran by the new GW
look at that shelf!
Golden acorn divided dish with a lid.
Now a divided dish WITH a lid, great find!

Found another new store open down the street from my house
How sweet
It a couple who has owned a great used clothing store next door.
The clothing store looks like you stepped back in the 40's.
Full of suits, dressed hats,shoes.
Cousin Mary got some saddle shoes once and we got a top hat we needed for a joke.
So they opened this up next door.
Bright and cheery full of finds.
No Pyrex but I got a sweet "remember me" German cup for $2
I will be back!

Saturday was the actual fundraiser and one of my Riot friends brought me a piece of Pyrex!
Trailing flowers casserole she got at the auction for less than $1.
It was a quick trip so I will have to show you my fundraiser treasures later.

Hope to take time to read what you have been up to.
Work continues to be...well a nightmare at times.
We are suppose to close at 7 pm. We finally had our last pt leave at 1030pm last night.
When you have been there since 5:30 or so it is not easy.
So I am taking it easy today!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pyrex Pumpkins Fostoria and Friendship

Do you want to come along and see how successful our girlfriends road trip was?
We were headed to our annual trip to the Arcola IL Broomcorn festival and we head up old route 40 from St. Louis to my hometown in IL. Stopping in each little town on the way at the antique shops.
We always start at the Powhatan resteraunt in Pocahontas for breakfast.

Jan found the first find of the day 
pink gooseberry, she has been trying to find the set, but here is a start!
Then I found this!
Barbwire, let Jan found one in another town. I seem to love the black and white these days.
The store told us about a new Hospital charity shop...ok!

I found a refrigerator lid! 
snowflake garland for $1
but when I got to the check out, there was a sale!
I paid 87 cents for the 2.
Jan got a American Fostoria fruit bowl for $20.

Onward, we remember the green square dot bowl we left behind the year before.
It was $40
well, looky it was in the same spot as last year and marked $30!
Jan took it home.

we love the one mall in downtown Altamont.
Just as I was ready to tell Patty I found Verde Green fridge set I hear Jan scream
I have never found friendship bowls.......she spotted them!
I am sure people thought we were nuts.
But by the time we left we had free waters and offers for some beer.
Pyrex and Beer? Not for me but my friends liked that.

So here is my friendship set minus the orange bowl
but by the end of the weekend I had the entire set!
Oh happy day.

So here is our one day, 120 mile haul
Pink Gooseberry
Verde Green
Primary fridge set
Yellow hostess set
Alot of lime green

look at the space saver white turquoise snowflake I found, but then let Patty have it since she is the turquoise queen. And we all love the salad bowl set in the turquoise, even with tongs for $8

Day 2
Headed to the Broom corn festival after we stop off at Persimmon Lane in Charleston

I found pink daisy pan, $8!
And a yellow hostess bowl and lid.
The spring daisy gravy boat was $5 from the day before

Well of course we bought brooms!
Every color under the rainbow but I bought the plain one for Mr per his request.

Downtown Arcola has a great Antique mall
Jan found something she has been dreaming about!
Fostoria cake stand!

She and Patty found glasses, tooth pick holders, vases all at good prices.
I have all my Grandmothers piece but would love to have the elusive
square cake stand.
thank goodness for cell phones
found this funky lamp for our friend still has at 1515 and you will see why later!

The last stop of the day, Jan found her gooseberry set! 

Day 2 haul
yellow hostess set for me
pink daisy for me
autumn wheat and gooseberry for Jan
yellow and a fk turquoise eye bowl for Patty

Day 3
relaxing morning, breakfast out and a stop in 
Tee Town for pumpkins
beautiful cool day

yes, near my hometown it is the honor system, just leave the money!

And here is what Jan's SUV looked like
Pyrex Pumpkins and Fostoria

But most of all packed with the love of Friendship
Thanks Jan and Patty, love you both!