Monday, October 5, 2015

Vintage Finds

Where does the time go?

Seems the end of summer and beginning of fall is zooming and Christmas will be here soon!
I have picked up a few goodies, helped with a fundraiser, courthouse tours, went to a vintage market and a spur of the moment Pyrex hunting trip.

Come on with me..........
I love fall shopping

I always go home to help the organization that sponsored us for the Charleston Riot
They have a silent auction for the fundraiser, and I was helping to put things out I saw this

a Eastern Star platter, hey...I recognize those name?
OMGOsh there is my Grandmother's name
Ruth Willingham!
They sold it to me for $3

pretty mustache mug for $5, and gift certificate to my friends antique store for $10 worth $25 and a pie basket.
Not sure I have ever seen one?

you can carry 2 pies in it.

made in Rindge NH
loving it for $15

A local Flower Shop sadly is going out of business in my hometown
they were having a garage sale.

for 10 cents, they are coming home with me. Thinking they can be used in some craft project.
I gave my SIL some.

helped with tours of the courthouse, love the view of the college from downtown
family time at 1515, family dinner and Fred being wild and showing off his tee shirt from the brewery his friend owns in Colorado.

my sweet MIL turned 91!

Then my SIL headed to a Vintage Market Day
Don't forget about her gorgeous trees she makes for Christmas,
her Etsy store is on my side bar.

she uses vintage wooden spools and blocks

So at the market we found some blocks

most of the items I love, like old metal chairs, wooden folding chairs, dry sinks, things I bought years ago before they were in vogue AND much cheaper.

I have have the Holly sugar sack, still have not made it into a pillow!
adorable old campers made into shops where there

Then my neighbor took me to another thrift store
one find
lemon lime Pyrex carafe
the right price

Then my girlfriend want to get away this weekend so we headed to 1515, and our Pyrex finds were abundant!

Did you hear me scream on Saturday "Patty come here NOW!"
I found Butterprint in the original box NEVER used!
the man told us it was bought for a lady in 1957 as a present, she thought they were so pretty she was scared to use them so they were packed away. When she died neither one of her children wanted them.
An amazing find!

then we found this at a flea market! Oh my
I got my first ever pink bowl, you can see it on the shelf in the center.

Oh I am tired today! Feet up this morning, luckily I don't have to go to work Wednesday.
Well, that covers the last 3 weekends.

I work WTF and then vacation for 2 weeks!
Headed to San Antonio for my birthday, can't wait!

Have a great week,


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Flower Trading Cards

This started as a Mum post, but as always I find something I forget I have.

like these

Arm and Hammer Trading Cards.
Mine are flowers, when I looked it up they started doing this in 1888

I found this online, thank you to iluvfish2 who ever you may be,
Below info was sent to me via Arm and Hammers Customer this is some great stuff!

"The first cards were an early form of product promotion and collecting
them was a nationwide fad over a century ago. Originally, the cards were
distributed inside the boxes of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda.

The first series of cards, 2 x 3 inches in size and entitled "Beautiful
Birds of America" appeared in 1888. The reverse side identified the
subject and gave a brief history. Leading artists of the day were
commissioned, the most famous being Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874-1927).

In the following five decades, well over 500 different artworks in trading
card sets of 15, 30 or 60 were published. In addition to birds, the cards
were designed featuring flowers, animals, cow breeds, fish, champion dogs
and Mother Goose characters.

To the best of our knowledge the cards were produced as follows:

Beautiful Birds; copyright unavailable-1904
Game Birds; copyright 1904-1910
Useful Birds; 1908-1938
Birds of Prey; 1975
Interesting Animals; unavailable-1915
Dairy Animals; unavailable
Champion Dogs; 1902
New Series of Dogs; 1910
Fish; 1900
Beautiful Flowers; unavailable
Mother Goose; 1900

Distribution of the cards ended in 1966. A commemorative 10 card set was
issued in 1976. If you are interested in the value of any cards you may
have, we suggest that you check with a dealer who specializes in
collectible cards."
Oh no! Something for me to try and collect.
I have a few, looks pretty scarce on ebay for the flowers, they have plenty of bird ones.

I always use my little shelf under the staircase for seasonal things.

one of my favorite little pitchers I use in the fall.
I always have plenty of nasturtiums in the garden, I planted 5 different colors.
a french post card

my chrysanthemum McCoy Vase
I bought it on ebay a few years ago to go with my Grandmothers
Hyacinth one.

the back it is a Buckbee seed advertisement

they are not in great shape, but I don't care I enjoy them!
so I learned something new today about my little cards.
Hope you enjoyed learning about the 
Arm and Hammer Trading Cards.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Have You Ever Made a 90 Layer Cake?

90 layers to a cake!
Oh my I can not imagine, but with good ole engineering it was done 
on September 7,  1905.
110 years ago.

this the birthday cake made for my 3rd Great Grandmother
by all her Grandaughters on her 90th birthday.

Last year we had my MIL's 90th birthday, there was no
90 layer cake, the only person that came from out of town was her son.
Not all of her Grandchildren came.
People now live to be 100.
But in 1905 people went to extraordinary measures to be at my
ancestors 90th birthday.

It is so interesting to read about they days gone by
hope you will enjoy this too.

her is my GGGGrandmother Catherine Sherer Hickman
on the front porch of her home with her sister and 2 brothers.
She is the woman on the left.

my Great Aunt wrote this poem on the back of the picture

The descendants on the front steps

they even had these made up.
Catherine's daughter my 2nd Great Grandmother died during childbirth in 1873, my Great Grandmother was only 7 at the time. But my Great Grandmother would have her dear Grandmother until she was 40. My Grandmother thought of her more as a Grandmother and we have many diary entries about her.

I think what touches me the most is that my cousin Fred and I had no idea the home 
was still standing.
A few years ago with a platte book in hand we went exploring and there it was, Grandmother Hickman's home still stands. It is not inhabited but to be able to stand where the events of 
September 7, 1905 occurred was very moving.

thinking of all the love that day, the cake on the front porch, the fire in the fireplace in the west room,
the songs they sang. I could still hear their voices as I walked where they once had walked.

Joining Ivy and Elephant for
What is it Wednesday

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

From Butterflies to Melon Fields, a Saturday Day Trip

The twins just got back from a river cruise in Germany, 
but they were still up for a day trip with me to SE Illinois.

walking to the car, I was greeted by this beautiful butterfly.
His colors remind me of fall.......but no fall weather it was HOT!

the girls had us start the day in their sun room with some homemade banana nut muffins and fresh blueberries and peaches. Beautifully served in their Mom's candlewick bowl. 

We headed out to our first stop a little over a hour away.
Checking out the corn and bean crops.

When we arrive we see this batman like cars? motorcycles?
of course the twins head right over to investigate

now on to the main event
West Union Cafe suppose to have the 
"Wabash Valley best broasted chicken"

yum.....yes it was great and the slaw tasted like KFC.
no dessert, that is our next stop.

The home of  Heath Candy Robinson IL
The original factory is a museum where they serve
heath candy ice cream of course.
The factory is now owned by Hershey but is still in town.
I love the poster of Santa saying "heath has been in more blizzards than me"

even a old car to ad to the vintage feel
Susan provided some music

Then on to Palestine.
We wanted to see where the Land Grant office had been for Illinois.
That is where our ancestors had to travel to purchase the land grants,
being the first to own a certain property in IL.
It would be about 60 miles but in the 1830's that would of been a trip

of course we took our ancestors land grant to be in the picture!

Palestine is also the home of my favorite salad dressing
they were closed on weekends.

Then we were on to Vincennes IN
I wanted to see where my ancestors wintered over in 1817 as they traveled from KY to Spencer, IN

On the way there we saw the strangest thing...irrigated some fields, but what is that crop?
Oh look there is migrate workers in the fields, they must bring them in by those buses?

A..........NO the buses were for the Watermelons!!!
filled up to where the windows should be, no wonder ever intersection had
smashed melons on the pavement.....look out if your turning the corner next to them!

So when at the antique store I had to take a picture of this to remind me!
I soon won't forget!

We found a great antique store
Downtown Vincennes
But we forgot about the time change, and we lost a hour of shopping!
Here are some things we saw
blocks I bought for my SIL to make her trees for her Etsy store
(info on my sidebar)

Pyrex of course!

I even saw my first never opened in the box set!
None of us collect Colonial Mist, but what a great buy.

for a minute I thought these were pink Pyrex!!!!
NO, but Mosser glass.
I had never heard of it.
Newer, made in Cambridge Ohio.
Learn something everyday!
Susan bought a beautiful canister set from Czechoslovakia.
(I forgot to take a picture!)
How appropriate since they just got back from their. Even better was the story of the lady who owned them, she died at 103. She loved to entertain, and a had beautiful collection. Her 80 something daughter was still living and came to see her monthly.
I looked up her obituary, she was in the DAR and loved genealogy.
So what a great tie in to our trip. So Susan copied the obit and put it in one of the canisters.
I love that, so the next owner will know the story too.

George Rogers Clark Memorial
Probably where my family wintered in 1817
and where my Dad and 2 Aunts visited
Aug 2, 1937
Their Aunt lived in Vincennes

Beautiful Park
Home of President William Henry Harrison
Closed, remember that darn time change.

We were tired, hot and thirsty so we headed back home.
This was my little summer trip.
It wasn't Germany but I had a great time.
Hope you enjoyed the sites.
I have highlighted links if you would like to see more.
Happy Hump Day!