Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dreams Come True

I realized 6 years ago today I got the keys back to 1515.
My Grandparents home that they bought in 1926 and left in 1978.
It had been 31 years since I had been through the door after my Grandfather died.

However, it was a place always on our minds.
My Aunts would drive by when they came in to town.
I never left Charleston without driving by and adoring that magical place from my childhood
 from Jackson street.
My Dad never knew another home until he married my Mom, my Aunt was born there, they were married there.
Aunt Catherine and Uncle Don on their wedding day with Aunt Mary

If you have not heard the story it is something just "meant to be"
So one day as I was leaving Charleston, I noticed a dumpster in the driveway?
I called my cousin because her cousin cared for the elderly lady who lived there.
Found out the lady had passed away and strange, her name was Emma Reynolds.
That was my cousins Grammies names?

Her cousin put me in touch with the executor of the estate.
He just happened to be the son of my Maternal Grandfathers cousin.
They did not have the home for sale yet, but they knew it was meant for it to be back in my family.

The day I got the key, I called cousin Mary as I ran through my Grandparents bedroom, through the closet into my Dad's bedroom and then into the dining room, the living room and around 
again like I did at 5.

I never have been so organized to get moved in before the annual Galbreath Reunion.
I could not wait for everyone to come back home.

Of course everyone had to have their pictures taken on the front porch like
 it had been done in the past.

Aunt Annie Uncle Max
and my 

Donna, Debbie
Marty and Mary

The place needed some work, paint and new flooring.
But it still reminds us everyday of who has come through the door over the last
89 years.
Christmas Eve 1941

we gather in the same dining room today for birthdays, holidays, or just for fun.

Christmas 1943
the tree goes in the same spot


We gather in the kitchen
Grandad, cousin Debbie, me and Jessie

cousins Mary, Marty, Jen and PJ

my Mom and Aunt Catherine

2013 cousins Donna and Debbie

Of course there is leisure time playing and 
porch swinging!

Mary and Marty 

grown up Marty and Mary

Things have returned to its original home
Grandmothers Hoosier cabinet 1970 with Aunt Catherine

cousin Donna returned it home, well taken care of since 1978.
We even have Grandmother's cookie jar, and crock.
Just wish we could have some of her famous raisin oatmeal cookies.

My Dad's Galbreath Grocery Store jacket awaits him hanging on his closet door.

Grandmother would be happy her some of her flowers are still there
and notice the 1515 sign?
It was the last thing I took in 1978 as I departed the steps for the last time.

1961 the backyard with Grandad
Mary, John, Grandad, Marty and Donna
Me, Mark, Debbie and Tom.
We have all returned.

same spot speed ahead 50 years!
I am so blessed to spend time with my wonderful cousins.
Donna, Mary, Marty and Debbie

I can never express what 1515 means to us all.
It is a sanctuary away from everyday problems.
A Happy Place.
A place to go and relax, have a laugh, get a hug,
talk about old memories and making new ones.

I knew that day, that dreams do come true

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flowers Pyrex Fostoria Puppies and Fun

The title says it all, what I have been up to!

When I last left you I was coming home from the Lincoln Train car.
I had another week of vacation and spent the week cleaning.

I brought some of Grandmothers peonies home from 1515, they were just buds but they came out and entertained me for 2 weeks!

spring was beautiful, cool temps and the blooms lasted so long 

the rose bush did wonderful!
the clematis had massive amounts of blooms

I have not mentioned it before because it is difficult to talk about but one of my coworkers, friend and Pyrex buddy is fighting breast cancer.
Here is my work group in the cath lab telling her we miss her

She lives about 2 hours from me but Jan, Patty and I missed her so a couple of Saturdays ago we went to see her.
Went to pick up Patty, wanna see her Pyrex?

she love turquoise

Then to Jan's. She had a wonderful breakfast for us,
served on her vintage serving trays and in her Pyrex.
Even Bacon donuts!

she made it so special. Work has really had us all down in the dumps and she perked us up...well with the help of some Hazelnut coffee too!
We had a great visit with Rhonda, she felt well enough to go for lunch and a little Pyrex hunting with us. It was a day we all will treasure being together and laughing.

Last weekend I went to Indiana, my little cousin was graduating from HS.
But I stopped at one my favorite antique malls in Marshall IL
Glad I did!
found this buried under stuff. Patty has been wanting one the American Fostoria cake plate and they are so hard to find. This one was $79 which was a great price!
The text messages were going fast and furious!
Found coin glass for Jan 1/2 off! The prices were wonderful to being with.
The pitcher was $30 so I got her that for $15, and clear candy dish w lid for $11 and candlesticks to match for $7.50.
I forgot to show what I got!
6 perfect pink depression glass goblets for $22.
The trip was off to a great start!

cousin Marty with her Grandaughters Claire and Chloe
Claire is such a elegant gracious young lady.
She has a college scholarship and will be playing soccer.
I am so glad we are such a close knit family I would not of missed it for anything.

I stayed with cousin Mary and her new puppy Mr Wilson!
smile Mr Wilson, oh his handsome look
We fell in love quickly, he is only about a yr old rescue Dachshund/Chihuahua mix.

Alot of family time on Marty's front porch and Mary's little courtyard

Then we found time to go antiquing!
Exit 76 Antique Mall just North of Columbus In.
Huge! Clean, neat, good prices!
Took several hours to go through.

they had alot of McCoy, most of those pieces I already had. But sure enjoyed the display

Some Pyrex and I bought a few ....shh I can't show!
love the pink pitcher and glasses
and that cute picnic basket.

On a sad note our favorite little spot in Hope IN is closing
Strawberry Fields
It is a antique, new items and tea room.
My 3 favorite things.
Mary and I always go there so luckily my visit was the last week they were open

we always love the different vintage tablecloth on each table
thinking of you Pam from Virginia Retro!

the owner is taking a job at a local winery, so we will be going there for lunch next visit.

Headed to 1515 this weekend to take cousin Fred out for Father's Day.
Then back for a 4th party the twins are throwing with PROFESSIONAL fireworks!

Miss you all sorry I have not being reading and commenting on your blogs.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Lincoln Funeral Train Car Came to Charleston

Back in April of last year I was reading about the Lincoln Funeral Train 
they were building for the 150th anniversary of the death of Lincoln.
I saw where you could have the car coming to your town, and I thought
Charleston would be a great place so I sent the link to the tourism director.

I am happy to say we were the first stop after Springfield!
I spent 3 days giving tours, what a honor to be on the car.

we had 500 school children go through every day.
Dale who did alot of the interior work on the car was portraying Jonathan Hay
 who was Lincoln's secretary.

Bob started the inside of the tour

Sara Bush Lincoln was there to see her son Abraham
She spoke to the children

How about I take you through

Lincoln's coffin

handles recast of original design
attention to detail to show the original was so important.
the original car was built as Lincoln's "air force one" as we would say.
He did not want to use it until after the close of the war due to the fact so many were suffering.
His plan was after the war to travel to all the states.
He had a appointment to see it, but it was the day after he was assassinated.
So it was modified into a funeral car.

this would of been Lincoln's office area, there is even a restroom.
These chairs were donated by a family who's ancestors had a plantation
 and these chairs came from there.

the next room is a bedroom

the last room was a sitting room for Lincoln to welcome guest.
Everyday the lady who played Sara Bush Lincoln brought fresh lilacs.
This room is where Lincoln's son Willie's coffin was.
He was taken back to Springfield to be buried even though he had died 3 years earlier.

the states all had plaques lining the ceiling, this was IL

ceiling rosette, the craftsmanship was amazing
see the bee?

cousin Karen was Matilda Moore, Lincoln's step sister who lived in Charleston

oh my the lines were long
between 3-7 we saw 500 people on Tuesday and 700 on Wednesday!
we had beautiful weather
I rotated from being in our Lincoln Douglas debate museum,
to helping people on the train and taking pictures for people getting on to being in the back of the train as I am here.

the air conditioner in the Lincoln Douglas debate museum broke to Tuesday, of course!
So I moved the speakers outside and it was beautiful weather so it worked out great.
cousin Fred came and helped
Wednesday we had speakers reading Lincoln's favorite poems and excerpts from his writings.

Of course the twins were there helping and so were cousin Marty and Mary coming all the way from Indiana to help.
Many of our Charleston Riot friends from last year were there.

Diane the tourism director did a great job getting 1500 school kids through, and the Mayor was there everyday. If you remember he dressed for the Riot last year.

we had to say goodbye to our new friends,
it was sad to see the train pull away.
again a once in a lifetime memory!

If you get a chance please go!
Lincoln Funeral Car