Friday, July 29, 2016

Think Back When You Pass By..........

When You pass by a sad looking house, remember it was once someones beloved home.
It was once a home filled with laughter, tears, the smell of home cooked meals.
Do you pass by one?

Under the porch eaves little girls had a tea party

even the kitty cats called in home

they played in the green grass the surrounded the brick home

the lives of a family were the center of that home
 hope dreams wishes
were imagined on the porch

There are many of them we pass

who peered out those windows?
who walked the steps?
who cared for the lawn?
who sat in their wheelchair on the porch and spoke to the passerby?
who was pulled away from the picture window by her sister just before it broke during a tornado?
over 100 years has passed.........
some stained glass is still there, some has disappeared.

families gathered on those steps
flowers were planted

Stop and look and imagine sometime
The sad of now once was happy then.
Please look at me, don't throw me away.

The first home was of my Grandmother's cousin.
The second home is of my Great Grandfather's sister Emma.
How I wish both would be preserved for a new family to enjoy once again.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pyrex Cats and Reunions

Next week I am going to 1515 for our Galbreath Mitchell Reunion!

Yes 110 years.
I work hard ever year finding more descendants to keep it going.

Another reason I want to get home is see what I won at the auction!
I was in town and bid on these so I need to get back to get them.
I caught the box out of the corner of my eye, it said Pyrex!
I researched the box and figured out what it might be and YES
Golden Poinsetta, in original box, with holder and never used!

Also 2 pieces of American Fostoria
3 legged platter $6
Smaller cake stand

Are  you wondering how the boys are?
They went to their first Vet visit and they both purred the entire time, even when they got their shots.
So they went with us to 1515 for the 4th. They were so good.

Came home to find them sleeping together

I think they like Daddy

I will be away from them all and of course
Greta too

But so looking forward to it!
Wednesday we are going to our family church and will be scanning the church records that go back to the 1840's. I want to help them get something together for the 100th Anniversary of the new churh which will be in 2017.
Thursday, meeting cousin Marty in Greenup for lunch, shopping and peaches at the Orchard
Friday, cleaning then dinner with those who have come into town at the local Rib place
Saturday, Genealogy Workshop and rededication of our family cemetery. And of course family picnic at 1515.
Sunday, 110th Reunion, wondering if anyone else has been going longer in the state if Illinois?

Some years we struggle but this year I have 37 confirmed for the Reunion.
In 1952 I found where they only had 30, so I guess we are doing ok.

Our table will not be that full
but we will be blessed to be together once again.
My Grandmother looks so pretty, the young lady in front on the right.
I am sure she will be happy.
My genealogy role model Aunt Annie, her sister is just behind her on the rt.
I know she is happy that what she started in 1906 is still going strong!

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Jasper and Pounce

We usually share our lives up and downs on our blogs.
One I did not share because my heart was broken was my Boots passed away in November.
I was devastated, how could I not be.....
He slept with me every night on my pillow holding my hand and always greeted me when I came home from work with a kiss. 15 wonderful years.

But then I saw this on my friends blog

a little homeless kitten brought to her to bottle feed.
I adopted him the minute I saw the picture.
He was still too young for me to get so I had to wait.
The same time Tete got him one of her foster cats had kittens.

About 2 weeks ago she posted this picture.
She asked on FB if away was interested in adopting him.
He was the last from the takers.
How could you not fall in love with THAT face!?
Yep, I said he can come home with Jasper.
If you have followed me, you may remember I had 2 cats, Boots and Pinky.

So last Saturday I got the privilege of finally meeting Tete in person, her family, her furry family and touring her beautiful yard.
Jasper and Pounce came back to 1515 with me.
They were so good.

used the liter box and ate right away.

they played and explored

then much to my happiness they both jumped in my lap and took a nap.
True bliss for me.

I can see Jasper is going to help with my blog posts!

never heard a peep out of the all night.
But finally it was Pounce getting me up, Come on Mom!

Jasper pretty much hangs out where every I am

Only with me 24 hrs but seem happy,,,,and relaxed!

Then it was time to load up to take them home
They slept the entire 2 hours, not saying a word.
We showed them to Greta who barked, and Jasper growled and Pounce was shaking.
Oh no! It is going to take time, Greta is much bigger than Tete's puppy.
Greta and Boots were great buddies and these guys will at some point to.

So for now they are in the guest room

playing and exploring

My neighbor and dog sitter has been checking on them while I am at work.
She is a cat person and her last cat just died, I thought maybe she would want Pounce but now I am glad she wasn't  ready.

they are just adorable.
Pounce I think has the perfect name, he is always Pouncing.
I let them out today and he was so funny going down the stairs, but brave.
He is going to be the Alpha I think, we shall see
Jasper I think is my lap cat.
Tete did such a good job with them You can even hold them and tell them to go to sleep and they will.
I was just holding Jasper and Pounce got jealous.
Oh how I love it.

Welcome home to Jasper and Pounce!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Watering Can Collection

I have been addicted to watering cans for years. You can tell by the line up on my bench 
on my header.
I even brought one back from Paris a few years ago in my luggage!
Some I use others are for looks
Here are a few from cottage. 

2 of my favorites, a German one with long neck and the green chippy paint one.

I have never seen one again like this one, makes me think of morning glories.

my cousin is building a "she shed" and I thought she was going to remove this little kitty cat from mine to hers!

Many are children's, love the gardening theme on them.

some are a little rusty, but I don't care

some are small

many probably watered African violets or houseplants on a wide windowsill

love the lines on this one
Many of the ones with the lithograph pictures are made by Chein

I don't think this one was ever used

I think I paid more than 59 cents!

they sit among my flower pots by McCoy, USA I have collected over the years.

Some were meant for gardening, like the Han-D Sprinkle Can

Time to head out to the garden.
It is a beautiful day here today.
Hope your Sunday is beautiful too.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen
Share your cup

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Returning a Piece of History

This a genealogy post.
Our family cemetery where my 3rd GGrandfather who was in the Revolutionary War is buried has somehow changed names of the years.

Someone slapped up this sign
Patsy Mitchell Golladay Cemetery many years ago?

The cemetery has always been Mitchell Cemetery, named after my other 3rd GGrandfather who owned the land it was on, the first burial being in 1834.

The gentleman at the local monument company and I came to the same conclusion,
in the 1970's many cemeteries were read in preparation for the Bicentennial.
If a cemetery did not have a formal sign out front, who ever was reading it just gave it a name.
Patsy Mitchell was my GG Uncle's wife? There is only one Golladay buried in the entire cemetery?

Cousin Fred and I have been on a mission to get it back to the original name.
We started at the Courthouse, the name there was still Mitchell.
Then we spoke to the Cemetery board members, that was fine with them as well.
So cousin Fred couldn't wait to rip that sign down and proudly bring it to me!
There it sits in my laundry room at 1515
It is a piece of history.

Well here is what our family did
A new official marker!
I had the put the established date on the front with my 3rd Great Grandfathers name on it who came to Coles County IL in 1828.

We have it up 4 feet so you can see it when the beans and corn come up.

On the back I had them put the information about my 4th GGrandparents who are buried in the field just south of the cemetery. He was in the Revolutionary War and she is the Aunt of Sam Houston of the Alamo.

I even got the Find a Grave people to change the name on the website.

It is a sense of accomplishment Fred and I are so proud of.
My 4th 3rd 2nd and Great Grandparents are all buried there and I want to make sure it is recognized for that, for future generations of our family.