Tuesday, July 3, 2018

4th of July

Thankful to my ancestors who fought to create The United States of America.
To me that is what the day is about.

Here is my 3rd (yes just 3rd) GGrandfather William Galbreath who served in the Revolutionary War for 7 years and lived to be 82 yrs old.

The following are my Great Grandfathers who fought in the Rev War
William Galbreath
John Galbreath
Adam Mitchell
William Barnes
John McMachen
Edmund Fair
Henry Sousley
Johannes Amnet
Caleb Busick
Jacob Daniel Scherrer
Elias Tolin
Peter Goslin
John Combs
Benjamin Neal
Ambrose Rucker
John Ripple
John Wilson

242 years later they are not forgotten

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Happy Pyrex Jadeite Fiesta Valentines To You!

Happy Valentines Day!

Say it with Pyrex, Fiesta Ware, Jadeite!

and all the Valentines are food related

a little sugar in my pink gooseberry set

gooseberry, stripe and pink Pyrex with pink Fiesta.

does someone have you "steamed up"?

I love these old 1950's Valentines. You can pick them up at such a minimal price, 
what a great way to decorate.

Today is my Valentine's birthday!

With Mr. being one of eight, it is easy to tell which birthday pictures are of him, his Mom always made him a hear shaped cake. Now I make brownies in it for him.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!!!

I am so excited my favorite day of the year, Christmas Eve is here!
The day of anticipation of what is to come!


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas at 1515

Another great early Christmas at 1515

I did not get the aluminum tree up, just never enough time! But in Nov the twins and I went to a Vintage Market and I got a baby tree.
the picture in the back is my Grandmother in a ice storm.

I think it turned out ok on my vanity, loved the reflection of it in the mirror

I did the kitchen in November

of course...Christmas Pyrex!

my Christmas aprons

Kitchens seem to be my favorite rooms at Christmas
I think of all the Holiday meals my Grandmother made in her kitchen and using her Hoosier Cabinet

We put the tree up in November too
fake but with all vintage shiny brites it looks good

the dining room set up for the party

my cousin in Seattle always sends a beautiful centerpiece!

put the Fostoria to good use

and did we have a crowd! 28 all mostly cousins with the exception of 6.
Yes some are distant cousins but cousins from my Mom and Dad both.
In a small town, they all know each other anyway and look forward to seeing everyone.
the dining room has seen many Christmas dinner, 1943

and Mr came for the 1st time! Visiting with cousin Fred

I put a tree up in my Dad's boyhood bedroom too.

 shiny brites

Pictures of the cousins with Santa are displayed.
 Yes the colored ones are of me.

love my vintage Christmas items I display there, want to see?

all vintage

cousin Mary gave me the Santa sleigh this year for Christmas, I love it!

And then my Santa's on my Great Uncle shelf

Being there for a week was wonderful

We made cookies

Even went to see Christmas show
Always have loved the Big Bad Voodoo Daddys
Could not believe they were in Charleston!

wonderful Christmas show!

Of course home is decorated too

the new LED lights are bright!

Mr even did the sheds for me

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!