Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aunt Annie

The woman i idolize is a woman I do not remember. However she touches my life almost on a daily basis, it is my Great Aunt Annie......why, do you ask?

Ever since I bought 1515, returning to my Grandparents home and the home my Dad grew up in has been a life changing event.  Days there center around family. I have told you how my cousins have unearthed things like pictures, bibles, letters you name it. We sometimes think we can tell you what they did every day of every year. I have been interested in genealogy since I was a child, and since my Mom died it is my passion as much as gardening and antiquing.

Today's events are a perfect example. I am sitting at the dining room table with a cousin, we have the same 3rd Great Grandfather and we met through Ancestory.com last year. We have a Galbreath reunion every year, this will be #105 and last year they attended and that is when we met. Their family moved to Kansas/Colorado at the turn of the century.

Here we are visiting the church my Grandmother attended as a young girl. We were going to go to another church until we found out the pastor was the best friend of my cousins ( from Colorado) voice coach! My other cousins who attend that church were surprised to see our family fill up a entire pew!

What we were doing at the the table today was reading my Aunt Annie's diaries that she wrote from 1900-1960's. She put every death, birth, family visit in those diaries. Along with that she spent from 1904 till her death discovering things about our family. We also have all her documentation on all her research, notebook after notebook.

Then I realized the anniversary of her death was today and the important even that shape our Mitchell line, happened today. The Battle of Guilford Courthouse was fought on our family land and propelled the move to the West and finally Illinois.  To me that is like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams dying on the 4th of July.

We owe all of our family history to her and she died on the anniversary of the most important event in our families life. I found that so profound.
Too many times I look up and saying "thank you Aunt Annie".

Because of someone I don't remember I know my Great Grandparents as Mama and Papa. I know the date that my Grandparents bought 1515. I know the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. And most of all I know, love and cherish cousins I did not know that existed who have enriched my life beyond all expectations.

Aunt Annie had no children, however she left a wonder legacy for her relatives and I thank her every day.
Friday is also her birthday and I am so glad she was born, to bring so much joy to my life.

Here's to you Aunt Annie, you live on and are thought about every day from many of us with love and gratitude for the love you showed for our family.


Shirley said...

What a grat aunt you had. To put all that important information together is such a wonderful thing. She sure must have loved her family!
Very nice..

Mrs. D said...

Hi Ann,

It was wonderful hearing about your aunt. Every word you wrote is a loving moment honoring her.

Your genealogy research is so important and so real--taking time out of your busy life to get to "know" your ancestors gives the heart a lift one can't afford to miss. In most cases it is more thrilling than any great novel we'd enjoy and re-read.

It's not just about dates and names is it, Ann? It's quality time you get to spend with "them", and each time you write about them, or speak their name out loud--I know it makes them smile.

Thanks for your special note to me about my website www.ednadiaries.blogspot.com Aren't we lucky to have 50 & 60 years of diaries of our precious ancestors?

I think my great grandmother Edna is smiling and enjoying the internet notariaty of her published diaries.