Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy New Year.........Kitchen Chaos!

Its 2019 and I miss blogging so here I am on 4th trying to get back at it!

Most of my presents from my husband centered around the kitchen? hmm
A new faucet, new stainless steel cart etc.
And the day after Christmas Mr. was taking everything and I mean EVERYTHING out of the kitchen! Did not even have a chance to take the Christmas stuff down.

We have painted the kitchen several times, but time to remove the wallpaper and border, oh my!
It never seems I can find a design I LOVE anymore?
 Gone are the days I could look through the 
JC Penney catalogue and come up with my design plan. For instance as I went to sleep after we changed the sheets, I looked at my pillow, there was my favorite JC Penney pillowcase, from my original comfort, sheets etc from 1980. It still is in good shape, I still love it. I just can not seem to find things I love anymore?

so there goes my Herb border, that I even found dishes to match years ago.
And to my horror he decided to go with GRAY!
But what color do you see here the most!?

If you said, GREEN your correct! Told him my Jadeite, depression ware and pink Pyrex 
better look good with it!

AND he keeps picking up things and saying "Get rid of this"
OMGosh! He looks at me and says 
" I know there is some sentimental story behind it?"
Well YES!
 The Stainless Steel cart is to replace my Butcher Block
Yes, I have had it since about 1983, when I look at it I think of the tornado that missed me by 2 houses, the roof was partially ripped off the Penney store so they had a huge sale.
My Mom and I saw the Butcher Block, so I sat on it while she went to pay for it because people were grabbing and snatching like crazy. So yes, it did have a sentimental story, one my adventures with my Mom I miss so much. So the butcher block will find a home in the backyard cottage.

he has it all painted, next we are getting new cabinet fronts. We decided on shaker and after much discussion I finally get cup pulls on the drawers.

I said nothing goes back in, until everything has been sorted and washed 
and put back where I want it.
A friend of mine who has a booth at a antique mall is going to take somethings I am going to part with, such as green depression grill plates that do not match my Cameo pattern.
What else can I part with? Most things I have belonged to my Mom, Grandmother and even my Great and GG grandmother. He even thought I could get rid of my Firkin bucket! yikes! NO! 
and my GGrandmothers egg basket.

Yes, I am probably too Sentimental. But when I see, touch and feel those pieces I see my Mom and my Grandmother and can feel the emotions of when we used those items together. He is blessed to still have his Mom and 7 siblings.
 I guess it is my way of keeping their memories alive, and it makes me happy.

the room echos without my Hoosier cabinet. And I am caught off guard seeing the reflection of the Christmas tree from the living room in the window.

So as I wash things I am going to try to document them with a picture and where they came from.

My pitchers are all washed. Could not part with any of them!
On the left green rose pitcher my Grandmother always had OJ in, pitcher I found at 1515 when it was sold, next is my Grandmother fruit pitcher that always had ice tea.
My Mom's cookie jar she bought when I was about 6 at a antique store, when she died I found her stash of Black Crow licorice in it.
Then my pitcher I bought in 1978 in Colorado as a 18 yr old.
Fey pottery

I am not sure if the company is still around, found a Douglas Fey potter in CO.

The rest are my Great Grandmothers crock pitcher, my Moms blue ball USA pitcher and a smaller blue pitcher Grandma always had milk in.
Just worried are ceilings are so high now with the border gone not sure how it is going to work.

I suggested some new enamel signs like Pantry, Grocery etc Mr. said NO! 
We shall see.

So for the next few weeks I am going to show you my kitchen collection and where the things came from. No kitchen reveal until the cabinet fronts are up!

My Grandmothers wall pockets.
This one hung at 1515 until we sold it, I just did not ever take it back it has a companion here.

This was my Maternal Grandmothers is always hung in her kitchen. When I cleaned it the twin holding the pine cones broke apart so I have to find the right size twin to fix it.
I imagine both were gifts and came from the same 5 & 10 in Charleston.

I did get the corner next to the stove put back together
My Fortnum and Mason spice cabinet my Mom bought for me on one of our trips to England.
The oil and vinegar set Mr and I bought in a favorite little kitchen shop not far from our hotel in Paris.
Mr wanted a new stainless utensil holder, instead I did order a new one to match the spice cabinet better. Hate to see my Herbs go!

So come along over the next month and see my treasures!

Hope your Christmas and New Years were great.

Here is to a wonderful 2019 for us all!!



Susan said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your post and looking at all the photos. I would have a hard time getting rid of any of that. I love the clock wall plaques! I nearly bought one on eBay awhile back. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen reveal when it’s complete.
Happy new year!

Pat Cantwell said...

Once you get use to the gray,
you'll be delighted at how the green and pink blend well with it!
I, too, made some accessory changes to the kitchen this Autumn.
It takes some getting use to, but now I (we) love it!
May this be the happiest of New Year's for you and Bob!

riley said...

So glad to see a post from you. I always enjoy them so much. You and I are about the same age, my grandmothers and your grandmothers must have shopped at the same stores, and your Christmas photos (not this post but in other posts) remind me so much of my own childhood Christmases. Blessings to you and your family.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

So good to hear from you! I have been missing you and your sentimental posts!! :)
Happy New Year!

Cindi said...

I'm so glad you are back. You have been one of my favorite blogs for many years.

ann said...

A lovely trip down memory lane. Some of do tend to keep things that have special memories, but often the other half does not understand that connection. I loved your story on the Penny's store. My mom always bought all of her linens at the JC Penny's January white sale. Now good linens are hard to find. Happy New Year, Ann.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Ann - It is so hard to let go of things that mean something to us, isn't it? We are blessed to have good memories to associate with things. I can't wait to see your kitchen redo and I think grey would be a nice backdrop for all your colors. it is fun seeing your collections.

I hope you have a really great week and get lots done on your kitchen. xo Diana

aBell said...

I love reading your stories about family heirlooms and treasures. I am a frequent reader and have missed your reqular posts, I am so glad you are back. Please explain, I must have missed something? Did you sell the house at 1515?

Unknown said...

Dear Ann,

I do not know who Ann Hinndricks is, but we do have one common Grandfather, William Barns! I have been researching him for years and recently confirmed that his ggggrandfather was John Barns of Glasgow, Scotland and his ggggrandmother was Margaret Hamilton. His father was Emmanuel Barns and his grandfather was William Barns who built the historic Barns House/Tavern still standing in Chadds Ford, Pennsyania. This William , who arrived in Pennsylvania about the same year as John Mitchell, 1715, father of Adam, was son of John and Margaret Hamilton Barns of Glasgow, by way of Northern Ireland.
I know that our common Grandfather, William Barns, was father of Mary Ann who married John Mitchell. My name is now Kathryn Barnes Hale, recently changed from Kathryn Barnes Leary. And I would love to know who you are, and where the house at 1515 existed!