Friday, October 7, 2016

Oneida and Fostoria Made Melmac?

A trip to my jeweler to get watch batteries turned into a grand discovery!

Fostoria and Onedia made Melmac dishes?

I have used the same Jewelry store for over 20 years. They have been in business since 1936 and are a 3rd generation business. They use to also be in the bridal business and I got my wedding dress there also.

Recently the owners wife passed away. I miss seeing her smiling face, and she always wore a flower in her hair. Since they have been in business that long, do you remember when we got married we purchased our china, crystal and wedding rings all at the jewelry store?
Her son has taken over the business and is in the process of going through things.
In a back room they had drug out boxes from the basement.
Do you want to see what we have Ann?

I spotted the white melmac immediately! My friend has been looking for some. Here was a entire set, plates, bowls, cups, saucers serving pieces in pristine condition..........NEVER USED.
When I flipped them over and saw 
I was astonished.
I quickly was calling and texting my friend

then I spotted the turquoise!
My friends favorite, flipped them over and saw
I thought they would look good with the white
the pattern is Retro Chalet and is from the 50's.
Yes these have been sitting in storage since the 50's!
I picked up all 60 + pieces for my friend for $1 a piece.
found information on line about them

I felt like Mike and Frank unearthing things that have been boxed away for 60 years!
Are you wondering if I got anything?

Fall Onedia melmac
only 3 dinner plates, platter, one cup and sauce, 2 sizes of bowls
great design creamer and sugar
$20 for all mine
Love the fact they are new, never used and vintage.

I need to go back, why?
American Fostoria with the stickers still on
Picked up 3 plates and this saucer

The use to have my blue Fostoria Navarre Blue
but could not find any
But if you like Navarre they have plenty of creamer and sugars
or some assorted glasses
they even had more fostoria like my Mom's holly
clear plates with etching.
another table had 1980's stoneware sets, Candlewicking, coin glass, fostoria juice glasses, candlesticks! It was overwhelming.

and these I thought were Blue Ridge dishes at first
they had a creamer and sugar
the company went out of business in 1957 before I was even born!
I need to go back and really spend sometime there.
They also were bringing out vintage jewelry and I bought a beautiful brooch for $20.

It was wonderful and sad at the same time.
I wonder what Mrs. Butterfield would think? 
I guess as things went out of fashion they went to the basement.

My friend is delighted and plans on using them.

How about a kitten update?

Pounce shows a interest in helping with my blog posts!

Jasper is enjoying the cooler weather and the windows open

But they are great buddies

found the asleep in a storage bin 

Last week we were in Chicago for my cousins wedding

she was beautiful, yes that is the groom looking at her with adoring eyes.
5 of the 7 of us were together again
Winkler cousins

Mr went with me.
the next morning we had a great breakfast at 
Southern Belle's in Plainfield
check out that omelet!

Vacation started today.
Love fall, my birthday is a week from Saturday
so that means.....Cousin Weekend!


Susie said...

Ann, I always love seeing your collections and all the family photos. My first set of dishes were Melmac...I loved those dishes. My daughter still has one of the dinner plates and for the life of me I do not know where the rest could be. I think when I got my corning ware dishes...well that was it. Now I still use those and have very good china for special times...which let's face everyday we can be alive is a special time. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

CIELO said...

Seems like a happy loving family. Love the homey feeling of your blog


NanaDiana said...

Holy Cow, Ann!!! WHAT a find. Who know those two companies made Melmac!?! Not me! It is sad to see those old businesses change when the old owners pass away or sell out. I am glad you were able to pick those pieces up..and what a buy! I actually remember seeing that pattern as a kid.
Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the wedding. The bride is beautiful. xo Diana

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Wowie, what great unused finds! Know you and your friend will enjoy your Melmac. Yes, I remember the all-in-one jewelry stores, but a wedding dress too? Amazing, lol. Enjoy your family birthday celebration my friend!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh what a wonderful find the old melmac dishes and the fostoria. How we use to hunt the shops for glass wear back in the early 1980-1990's.And to find it old stock makes it so much better.
I never get tired of finding dishes I love and just bought another set last week at a yard sale.
I love weddings and your family is all so nice looking. My family is very small now and we are all over the USA and never see each other,sad but true.I miss family reunions back when my parents and grandparents were alive. I have 3 cousins I know of

ann said...

Hi Ann. So glad to hear from you. Kittens are adorable, looking right at home. I had forgotten about Oneida. So many of those good brands have gone by the way side or China side. Just not the same. Love the fall set. Enjoy your job every day. I do miss not teaching, but I enjoy being free and home more and so will you with all of the activities that you do. Just enjoy.

Pat Cantwell said...

Jack Pot!
You found some amazing "picks", dear friend!
I could drool over that glassware for hours!
Beautiful bride!
Happy Birthday, to you!
Love the kittens. . .and that they are buddies!