Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ummmm.........I know, More Pyrex!

After our friends big Pyrex Hunt of 2014 my friend remembered she had a orange Cinderella bowl to complete my long desired Friendship bowl set.
thanks Jan!

Now here is a question? I have owned my own sets of Pyrex as wedding presents for 34 years.
Did I never notice the Cinderella sets lip is bigger on one side than the other?
Look! at first I thought the bowl was wrong...but their all this way, guess I better go look in the cabinet at mine. How could  I never notice that? DUH!

I was at 1515 to help our local Five Mile House with their fundraiser.
They were the generous group that supported our Charleston Riot Anniversary.
On Friday they have auction items to set out and price. Many are vintage, I forgot to take pictures!
I will show you what I got when I get back there next month.
Well cousin Karen who lives in town was there and said did I know about the new shop that opened up by the RR tracks? Uh no!?
So as soon as we were done I headed there.
As I entered by eyes could not believe the FIRST THING I saw!

a friendship casserole!
I have most of them but for $10 I thought buy it.
When I got home I realized it is the Friendship Penn Dutch Promo!
So the lid is wrong and it is suppose to have a under plate.
I told the lady if she found more Pyrex my friends and I would be interested.
She said
"Honey, I got box after box of Pyrex out back in unopened boxes"
She took my name and # and suppose to call me when she unpacks them.
Maybe the lid or under plate will rise from the boxes?

I also ran by the new GW
look at that shelf!
Golden acorn divided dish with a lid.
Now a divided dish WITH a lid, great find!

Found another new store open down the street from my house
How sweet
It a couple who has owned a great used clothing store next door.
The clothing store looks like you stepped back in the 40's.
Full of suits, dressed hats,shoes.
Cousin Mary got some saddle shoes once and we got a top hat we needed for a joke.
So they opened this up next door.
Bright and cheery full of finds.
No Pyrex but I got a sweet "remember me" German cup for $2
I will be back!

Saturday was the actual fundraiser and one of my Riot friends brought me a piece of Pyrex!
Trailing flowers casserole she got at the auction for less than $1.
It was a quick trip so I will have to show you my fundraiser treasures later.

Hope to take time to read what you have been up to.
Work continues to be...well a nightmare at times.
We are suppose to close at 7 pm. We finally had our last pt leave at 1030pm last night.
When you have been there since 5:30 or so it is not easy.
So I am taking it easy today!



Sue McPeak said...

I see you have been taking your Pyrexia vitamins. What great finds in the Pyrex world to add to your collections. Enjoyed seeing the pics of the shops you visited....wonderlands! Have a great day of taking it easy!
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh I love the shop. I have never seen this pattern or colors of pyrex together. These are great. No I had never noticed the rims being different I must get busy with a new collection. I love your Pyrex!

Susie said...

Ann, I think you and a couple of your friends could start a pyrex museum. I am amazed at all you own. So pretty and in great shape. xoxo,Susie

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Very nice Pyrex finds. The Friendship pattern is so bright and cheerful. I still have the set of Pyrex green/white daisy pattern mixing bowls that were wedding present 40 years ago. I also have a round covered dish that is the Autumn wheat pattern. Every time I use my mixing bowls I think of the sweet lady who gave them to me.

My most used Pyrex ware are two small size mixing bowls that I found cheap at a thrift store. Their pattern barely shows. I don't know how someone managed to take the pattern off of them, but they are perfect if you want a big bowl of soup or to microwave a portion of broccoli or cauliflower.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

When you open your Pyrex store let me know! You have been really hitting the Pyrex finds. If my thrifts sold as such good prices I sure would be buying it too. Hope you get to see what is in the big box in the back, lol. Too funny that you never noticed the cinderellas have different size pour spouts. Enjoy your treasures! Love that sweet shop too. :)

ann said...

I can't look at a piece of pyrex without thinking of you, Ann. I never knew that there were so many different pieces and patterns. I never see it at ARC or Goodwill. I'll have to pay more attention when I go to the flea markets.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Ann, I believe you are the Pyrex Queen!! Such pretty sets!! You've got me interested/on the look-out now....love most anything vintage! That's a cute shop too~~~looks like you had a lot of FUN! I NEED one of those days out~~~soon~ Blessings~~~Roxie

Debbie said...

I had those same pyrex mixing bowls. My Grandma got them for me as a wedding gift! I always loved them.
I love your passion when it comes to things like this.
Neat shop, and so close to home.
Have a great time finding new/old treasures there.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I see sets of vintage plastic canisters setting on a shelf in the right of the picture. I