Monday, September 8, 2014

Mr. Did Good!

My Mother in law just had her 90th birthday and she decided to move into a smaller apartment in her retirement complex. So Mr. headed over to his Mom's this weekend while I was away Pyrex hunting with the girls.

He called me about a lamp I wanted but was surprised when I got home he had a box.
I thought, great what is this?
8 juice and 10 ice tea glasses
I can never remember my MIL not having these.
I can not count how many glasses of tea I have drank out of them over the last 18 years.
That was fine since ours were getting chipped and I was looking for replacements.
But then Mr. said "they are made in France!"


Apparently they have been made in France since 1939 and are a staple in cafes and school cafeterias because of their durability. With 8 children, maybe that is why my MIL had them?
They are still sold at William Sonoma.
Hard to see here but they have a Tulip design and are stackable
Which worked well in the cabinet

I was looking for replacements to my Green Fostoria that has gotten chipped and broken
Plenty of clear but I have not found juice size replacements when I have been antiquing.
(yes my dishes are now antiques)

What a nice treat since France is special in our hearts for Mr and I, for our anniversary and the 5 consecutive years after that we always spent a week in Paris, we have not been able to go for several years. So he brought a little of France home to me.

Last weekend we had my MIL 90th birthday early
I was disappointed only 6 siblings were there, since we had planned this since December.
But she had a great time with food, plenty of my husbands cousins, some grandchildren and one Great Grandson.
I made slide shows up with pictures of my MIL and others with the cousins and even a trivia game with some genealogy questions about my MIL
open your eyes Mom!
with her children and nieces and nephews

there is that sweet smile
1946 when she won a equestrian award
it was nice to share all of this together and celebrate her life now not later
the 5 older boys, and as you can see Mr was on the way
boy #6

yep that is Mr in the front holding his brother hands (apparently barbershop quartet brothers!)
2 girls were to follow
She is a amazing woman to me
And one smart enough to buy durable French glassware!

Thanks for letting me share!

Yes, the next post will be about our Pyrex hunting weekend....boy was it a success!!


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

How cool! Love your glasses and especially the story with them. Your MIL looks beautiful, and I love the old photos. Our generations are lucky to have them, most folks only have photos on their computer and phone these days.

I have the same green glasses, in the large iced tea size, but they are new to me, 50 cents each at the thrift. :)

ann said...

Oh my, she looks wonderful for 90. I will keep my eye out for a juice glass as I go to thrift stores. This is a very nice post honoring your mother in law. Does she read your blog? Do her children? A very nice memory preserved.

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, wonderful photos! I always enjoy your posts!!

Pat Cantwell said...

Your Mother~in~law is a beautiful woman now and then!!! What a fun birthday party and an amazing celebration!!!
Your French glassware will give many warm memories and further years of service!!! I agree, Mr. Did Good!!!

NanaDiana said...

Ann- What a nice post about your MIL. She looks like a lovely lady- and made a beautiful bride, didn't she? I wish ALL the kids could have made it there for her birthday. She looks to be in great shape at 90 years old.

Blessings and enjoy those glasses! xo Diana

Jill said...

Wonderful old pics - looks like a good time was had by all!!

I think my mother in law had those glasses too!!!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Fun post! Mr did very good!!!