Friday, July 11, 2014

Part II of Dreams Come True

Yesterday I told you it had been 5 years since I bought my
Grandparents home as weekend place for myself and my cousins.
I bought the house on July 10th and before the next weekend, I had all new carpet, flooring in the bath, kitchen and utility put down. The couch and washer and dyer delivered.
It was like a military maneuver and I got it ALL done!
Everyone was amazed but I was determined the next weekend was our family reunion and I wanted us all in at 1515 for that weekend.

How about before and after pictures?
Things have changed so much!

Living Room
furniture of the lady who lived there after my grandparents
my old lazy boy, my Mom and Dad's end tables, my MIL coffee table and my old rocker
we gathered as much furniture together as we could.
I bought the couch which is a Ashley couch, nice and long.

My Aunts bedroom
boy did it need a paint job!
soft blue. my cousin made a vanity out of a old bookcase by adding a curtain and hanging a vintage mirror above. 
a head board she had in her storage shed and some purchased side tables
a wall of family pictures and Grandmother's gloves, and hankie

Now moving on to my Grandparents bedroom, which is mine now
The lady used it as a library, she had bookcases of genealogy work

 I had everything in the entire house painted
Here is the update
nice there was a chandelier
Vanity given to me by my painter, twins gave me the chair and purchased a dresser
the bed was a big purchase. A Wesley Allen vintage iron bed
the pocket doors turned out so pretty with paint

Now the dining room
 the beautiful chandelier with strawberries my Grandparents had is gone
I have the original table at home, but can not part with it to bring it back, I just adore it and is one of my most treasured things.
there we are in 1977 for Grandad's 90th birthday!
My Mom and Dad's table and odd and end chairs, it looks so bare here.
now my Great Grandparents is at the end of the dining room
There use to be a built in hutch they took out, I hate that the people did that.
The picture above the book case was lace made by my GGGrandmother in 1863.

Now my Dad's room
My Mom and Dad's bed and a Laura Ashley comforter I got for 80% off!
the books case my MIL. My Dad's grocery store delivery jacket from the 1940's hangs on the door ready to go! And Grandad's RR lantern and lunch pail live here too.

What about that kitchen and those cabinets? And that wallpaper!

walls painted yellow, cabinets painted white with glass knobs and vintage looking black and white cabinets.
What a difference!
The table came out of my Garden cottage and mix and match chairs
my Grandmothers Hoosier cabinet back home.
The coffee grinder, Campbell's tin were from 1515 too.
Mr. got the white cabinet for me and redid it, it matches one on the other side that was my other Grandmothers.
Grandmother's cookie jar, crock and meat grinder...back home
How nice to have a bit of both Grandmothers!
This actually it would be where the door was to the pantry they took out.
I hate that too but the bathroom is much bigger

the utility room use to be a porch area with windows

 the counter is a great place for a buffet line, and boy do we use it.

my painter made me this shelf.
My Mom's sorority apron hangs there with Grandad's RR flashlight, ice tongs and ice pick.
Cousin Tom that passed away gave me the flashlight, he told  me that that is where it us to hang, he thought Grandad might come back some night and want it.

Now that pitifully 1970's bathroom!
 now bright and cheery
new flooring, cabinets painted and same glass knobs added.
The mirror I found at a resale shop it was avocado green, painted white you can see the scroll of roses in it.
I had just changed out my bathroom at home so I brought my old pink rugs, curtains.

Amazing, new flooring and paint made the place looks so alive again.
I sometimes feel bad that a family does not live there day after day.
But we make up for it with the laughter and fun we all have when we are back there together again.

It just makes us all so HAPPY!


Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

love sweet!

Susan Freeman said...

So many great memories and now it's all fresh and lovely and ready for creating many more memories!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

ann said...

You have worked very hard to restore 1515. A family treasure, indeed.

Beth said...

A lovely post. I saw a comment you made on another blog. I am from Illinois too (Peoria area) and I love meeting fellow bloggers from Illinois. I will be your newest follower.

Pat Cantwell said...

Truly, a labour of love . . .
for your family past, present. . . and hopefully future!!!
Love all the updates!!!

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh how I miss my parents home. Your transformation is WOW, incredible! I love the pink room. It's my favorite. I also love the blue room. Both make my heart sing. What a labor of love! It's good ya'll still get together. We are no longer a unit without my parents. So sad. Happy for you!


I love homes with so many memories that mingle together and make our indentity. You must be working hard, but with much happiness, just the same.
I loved your post and thanks for sharing it with us.

Susie said...

Ann, You amaze are the memory keeper in your family, for sure. I love that you truly treasure all the old wonderful things for your family. It kind of made me sad to think some people could care less if they owned any thing their parents or grandparents had. I wish you and your family many more good time in that old well loved does look nice and shiny now with the new paint. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

laura Madalene said...

Your bedroom is gorgeous and the headboard is truly stunning. The cabinet that holds the linens is so pretty too.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

How fun to see 1515 through the generations! You have everything looking really pretty. It seems that your whole family is enjoying it.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Ann,
This home is so full of love it shines right through! What a wonderful home, I love everything about it. I remember when you first posted about it.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Ivy and Elephants said...

I love the way you freshened things, but maintained the character of the home and filled it with family treasures. Yes, you can go home again. Beautiful!