Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Pantry Makeover

If you have lived in the same house for as many years as I have,
sometimes you have to step back and realize somethings need a makeover!

The weekend was redoing our pantry at no cost.
I am blessed to have a huge pantry.
The former owners had a bathroom there, but my neighbors
tell me the pipes always froze so they converted it to a pantry.
Good thinking since it is next to the stove.

The things we throw in there!
Mr. add shelves over the years, originally they were just on one side.
we took everything out!
Look at those disgusting walls that were hidden behind shelves.
Took the wire shelves out and cleaned them in bleach.
Tore up the carpet.
Painted the ceiling and walls
Took out the wooden base board.
Mr. decided to use, commercial strength items he had
at his shop.
new carpet tiles left over from his office from years ago.
Base board molding like in commercial buildings, easier to clean in a pantry.
He was checking to see if I liked it.

yep, I like it

Shelves back in and Boots wants to know
"where did everything go?"

plenty of room to see what we have.
Top shelve is where I keep serving dishes you use once a year and
roasting pans etc.
The bottom shelf reorganized to hold candles, tablecloths, and all those things like
vacuum cleaner bags, rags, light bulbs..you name it.

organize those spices.
years ago went to these trays, easy to pull out and find what you want.
yes, we have alot of spices...LOVE Penzey's spices!
more pull out containers, otherwise things fall through the shelves
bundle things together like baking products all in one basket so when I get
ready to make something the baking powder, soda, salt etc all in same basket.
Trying to keep things fresher by placing back up flour, sugar in plastic container, well
it also keeps me from spilling flour on the floor!

The top shelve holds my cookbooks and the bottom shelf the 
crock pot, electric skillet, toaster etc.
Back area is for ironing board, broom, vacuum cleaner.
And with Greta "destructo" we keep the garbage can in there too!

So I am sure it will be full when I am done.
Trying to tell myself, if you don't use it don't put it back in there!

Always feels good to get it done!
Nothing fancy, like expensive rattan baskets, beautifully labeled jars etc.
But useful for us.
So better get hoping on getting things put back.


Susie said...

Ann, I always keep my cats on the lower shelves. LOL I just wish I had a pantry. Even a small one. There never seems to be enough room for evrything. I like the way you arranged yours. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Wow-Ann! That is just phenomenal! What a lot of space you have there. I just love a pantry and mine is probably 1/4 that size (if I estimate generously). It looks great! Clean, organized and wonderful- xo Diana

Sarah Adams said...

Looks great!!

Pat Cantwell said...

Love all the organization!!!
I agree, keep the things you use often close at hand!!!
We are in the "early" preparations of a make~over for the Guest Room, here on the Praire! I was thinking of re~painting the closet, as well. . .think you've convinced me this is a MUST~DO on my "To~Do" list!!!
Boots is adorable!!!

Paulette said...

How lucky you are to have such a nice pantry. Looks wonderful.

Jann Olson said...

It looks so nice Ann. We have a large kitchen and our pantry is so small. Don't know what the original owners were thinking. It's just a corner closet basically. Can get messy very easy. I have to dejunk it quite often. Yours is so large and nice. Lucky you!

Linda said...

Looks great! I just reorganized ours here at the Beltway Apartment, and now we have room to store our old fridge! Amazing what organizing can do. Linda@Wetcreek Blog