Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Pyrex Hunt!

If you read my blog you know last week myself and 2 friends went hunting for Pyrex and they did great! There are several pieces they are wanting so Saturday I set out to see what I could find.

As you can see I did pretty good!

One is looking for pink daisy, and I found this one for her.
It did not have a lid but she just bought the charcoal snowflake with the lid which she can use on this one.
Hard to believe how many patterns there are, and luckily the
four of us all want different patterns.

Now everyone at work are going through their Mother's cabinets to check to see what they have. One found her Mother had the ivy chip and dip set which she has never used.

For $4 I found the small bowl to the primary colors set.
When I was at 1515 in January I found the red bowl in great shape also for $4.

Here is something I could not resist and did buy for myself...I am bad.
But after all these 14-15 hour days I am working (yesterday was 530am till 930pm) I thought I deserved a treat.

The primary color refrigerator set. 8 pieces, 2 small red, 1 med blue and one larger yellow.
It was $40 but in excellent shape.
I have an additional small one in yellow at 1515 and I just picked up a red one on my trip to see Richard.
I keep learning more about Pyrex as my friends get more excited.
Here is the lid on the set. It has the older lids with the groves only on the edges.
All pieces had this so I know they are older and original

This is the lid on the red one I bought by itself. It is all grooved, so it is newer in age.

So I had a fun day entertaining myself, shopping for others.
So, Jan has me looking for more pink daisy.
Rhonda, is wanting the green dot to finish out her dot set and also looking for the striped bowl set, I found the blue striped bowl for her when we were out. And she wants the hard to find square dot Cinderella bowl.
Patty, wants Butterprint in turquoise and I remember a set at home, so she wants me to get it for her.

Now go look through your cabinets and see what you have.
I know I have my moms yellow/orange bowl set and my spring blossom sets.

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Paulette said...

Isn't if fun spending someone eles money while thrift shopping? You found some really great Pyrex pieces. I like the pink piece the best.

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Ann....You all did great!!! I don't blame you at all for getting the primary colors refrigerator set. I just need to find the large yellow bowl and I will complete the primary colors mixing bowl set.

Tete said...

My grandma had a set of the fridge containers and used them all the time.
She had a small yellow oval for sweet potatoes. My father in law had the small pink daisy casserole that we now have. No lid. Do have the green mixing bowl that was Steve's mom's. She had the whole set, but after a lifetime of using them, only the green one remained.
Check out ebay for lids!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I just found a red fridgie this weekend and the two sided serving dish last month. Love collecting it too but it is getting pricier. I figure I use them so it is still a good investment and so much better than plastic.

Lorraine said...

My mother had the stacking red and blue dishes with the covers.
I think she only has one left.
But, I think she got them as wedding gifts in 1952!

Olive Cooper said...

Ann, I love the fridge set. I bought a lidded piece at an estate sale last week. It is getting expensive I think. Thanks so much for your comment today. hugs, olive

LV said...

Your friends should be happy if you shared some of your finds with them. Lot of good Pyrex dishes.

NanaDiana said...

I remember when my Mom had so much of that Pyrex. It is fun to see it here and I'd say you gals did great finding it. I never see any of it around here at all. Lovely! xo Diana

Cindy said...

Great job!

ann said...

I enjoy seeing your pyrex. There really isn't anything like it today. Do you use it?

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh what a neat collection! Now are you trying to get me in trouble? You know how weak I am, and the last thing I need is another collection. Well .... maybe just one more?

Anonymous said...

My mother had the frig set and used them all the time. I know. I had to wash the dishes! The small blue bowl is the only bowl I'm missing. One of these days I'll find one, too. You deserved getting the whole set.

Donna said...

I think I am going to be raiding my mom's cupboards for sure, Ann! It's so funny, when I was younger I hated Pyrex, now I think it's cool!!

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Oh......this post does take me back............My mother, for some reason, only had one little red container from the refrigerator set, which she used as a sugar bowl......and after searching awhile I found one a few years back! I have other pieces but none that make me smile like that little red container. Thanks for sharing!

Antiques And Teacups said...

I use all my Pyrex & Corning Ware...and now they say it's healthier. Well it's certainly prettier! Love your finds! I have the varied blue nesting bowl set from when I was married in the 1970s but had broken the smallest years ago and found one last week . WooHoo! I really like your pink daisy!

Jann Olson said...

Oh girl I got excited when I saw your post. My friend, Dolly says that her Aunt is a hoarder. Not joking, literally. She goes out every weekend and just keeps adding to her stash. Dolly says that she has boxes and boxes of treasures. She researches and knows what things are worth. My sister, Julie and Dolly came up for a visit a week ago. I told her I was looking for some glass bottom bowls and wondered if her Aunt had any. Here Dolly came bearing boxes of goodies. I bought some fun items. I too snagged some refrigerator sets. Also two sets of pink bowls. I'll probably post about them for pink Saat. Anyway, enough about me! Love what you found. I have not seen the daiseies before. They are very sweet! Good pickins!

Shelia said...

Hi Ann! I love these pieces and had some when I first got married and now they're gone! :) I love that pink and the refrigerator ones are so cute! You did good.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jill said...

Pyrex is the best!!! I have my Mom's pieces - big yellow, set of Autumn Harvest bake, serve and store casseroles and a set of Colonial Mist bowls. My mother in law gave me a square yellow hostess dish and an old Pyrex baby bottle!!!

I just started following you on Pinterest - I have a nice Pyrex board going - check it out....

Mom Wald said...

What a fun thing to do with friends! Introduce them to The Pyrex Collective, and they will squeal with delight. I have buttons for it at my place.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

What fun! Your treasure hunting went well. I found a couple of the small refridgerator bowls last weekend but that full set is gorgeous. Have a wonderful, restful weekend. Patty

Kellie said...

Great finds! Something about Pyrex makes me happy...the colors...the fun patterns...the nostalgia of it. I love it!

c. Joy said...

We have a few pieces - they have a 'loaf of bread shape' and are clear. My mom has some small, clear square ones - perfect for putting something in the fridge and then seeing it and remembering to use it. The glass looks soooo much better than any plastic.