Monday, November 15, 2010

More Christmas Open Houses

This weekend I went back home to go to more Christmas open houses with my twin cousins. Before I picked them up I stopped in the town where I grew up to go to the best little shop's open house. I left home at 0730 so I could get there early to beat the crowd....but at 0910 the place was packed! And it seems it was packed with everyone I know! I saw the family I use to babysit for...yeah the daughter is a Grandmother! There was 4 mothers there of people that were in my High School class. I felt kind of melancholy, happy to be home I felt the warm of everyone being so happy to see me but sad that my mother was not there to be with me. Why am I an orphan so young and my classmates still have their parents? I snapped out of it because as soon as I pull into my hometown I feel a comfort come over me that I can not explain.

So here are some pictures!

Your probably does not look busy? That is because they were all inside! I had trouble finding a place to park!
I always want to come to this open house because the place is great. Usually I don't get home until the middle of December and by then the items are all picked over. She had such a great offering of gifts.

So happy to see a new store opened in the old bank building! As you can see the town in ready for Christmas. The town is known as "Village of the Porches" for all the overhanging porches downtown.

Headed out of town and stopped at the Orchard north of town because they opened a gift shop. There is a lady that is making things out of remnants and what ever else she can find. I think she is very talented, here is what I bought. Tell me what you think.
Does he not look proud? Or happy he came home with me! He is made out of an old quilt.

Such a sweet face

Love the gauze scarf topped off by a bell and the pom pom buttons!

This one came home and immediately went in my kitchen window.
Love the idea of the door plate and skeleton key.
This one was called Santa Bag and was $10. Should I put it in
the gift exchange at work? Not everyone likes primitive things?
Mica snow, bells and old quilt, what could be better?

Then it was on to 1515 to stop off and drop off. Then on to pick up the twins and go to the antique show in Amish country. If you like primitives they had them.

Wonderful lunch at a Amish buffet. More shopping, back to 1515 to relax then out to a local restaurant for a gourmet dinner. Then tucked myself in at 1515 for the night and was up by 0630 and the drove back home. The good thing is I am done with my shopping with the exception of my brother and my husband, what else is new?

Now I am anxious to get my Christmas things out and get back to 1515 to decorate!


Jenny said...

Hooray for the beginning of the Christmas decorating season! Looks like a fun day with lots of fun treasures to be found.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Thank's for the tour of the open house. We had gone to a couple also but no treasures to bring home this weekend. Thanks for sharing....Julian

Tete said...

Did you do Greenup and Arthur or Arcola? I love all the things you posted and the snowman is so awesome!
So glad you got to shop and eat out, plus get your shopping done, too!
Hugs- Tete

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What great photos of the town. We went to the church fish fry at the Municipal building on Sat. night and it was packed, too! I am going to feature you with my next post, so my readers can share in our hometown :)