Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

                    I am hoping that all of you have a wonderful holiday where ever you are.

This our dining room last year. We usually have my husbands family (he is one of 8) but this year we are going to my brothers house then to my husbands sisters house. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, but am looking forward to being with my brother. When my mother was alive we always went to my brothers house, but somehow over the last few years I did not see him on the holiday.

I remember Thanksgiving long ago, my mother would be cooking in the kitchen. It would be so warm from the oven that she would have to open the kitchen window. I could not wait till my maternal grandparents got there and my Dad would go pick up his Father. It was always the 7 of us together, how I miss them. But oh so thankful I have my brother to be with.

I hope you are with the ones you love.

Now it is on to Christmas!!


Tete said...

Ann, so glad that you get to table hop this year! How much fun is that? Love your table above from last year. So festive!
Rebecca's hubby didn't get by today to pick things up to go in the booth- she called and said he wasn't coming up- and with the rain probably better off- don't want things ruined!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful Thanksgiving table-Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!