Saturday, February 4, 2017

Found There Way Back Home...........

If you have read my blog over the years, when it come to family I am the keeper of the family pictures, documents you name it. Yet, there are pictures of my ancestors that I wonder if they are out there somewhere and I have never seen them? 

After my Mom died and I went through things, this picture bothered me.
Who was Pat Lance? I knew most of my Mom's friends, even the ones from HS 
that she would talk about.

Pat had written on the back, "Clyde and I on our wedding day"
There were a total of 9 pictures.
My Mom had written "Pat's wedding" on the back.

If you know me, there is no way I can throw a picture away,
but I keep telling myself to get rid of things. Was this one of them?

Pat's Dad did not look to happy?

I decided to see what I could do to find out who they were?
My guess Pat was my Mom's age, born in 1925 and probably went to college with her.
Maybe a sorority sister, in Sigma Sigma Sigma

I went on ancestry and found a Pat Lance in one tree born in 1925 from IL in a tree and her husband was
So I wrote the person and asked he he was related.

I got a response within a day, it was Pat's nephew. He was the son of her brother.
Pat, her husband and son were all gone, but one son was still alive.

I scanned some of the pictures, then mailed the rest to her nephew.

the other couple in the picture was the gentlemans parents!
He said they had just been married 2 weeks earlier.
It made me happy to know they pictures were not only of his Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents but of his own parents!

Thanks so much for sending the pictures, they arrived yesterday. That was great that they were written on by Aunt Pat and your Mother, we have so many that aren't. I will share this with Mike, Pat and Clyde's son.

All the best,


We deducted that Pat went to EIU with my Mom. She left school early to marry her sweetheart, Clyde in 1945.

He made me feel good to reunite the pictures with the family.
I can only hope my Mom and Pat are pleased.


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

How heartwarming! And you are quite the detective Ann. They will cherish those photos. I know I cherish ours.

ann said...

It is wonderful that you are able to unit family and old photos. I have dozens of old photos from my mother's side, none of them with names so I haven't a clue as to who they are.

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