Saturday, August 2, 2014

Touring on Blogland

My Friend Robin at Decorating Tennis Girl
asked me to participate in 
Touring on Blogland

I started my blog at the suggestion of Robin!
She saw pictures I posted of 1515 and talked me to going for it.
I have know Robin all my life.
We grew up in the same small town.
Went to the same Church.
Her childhood home is exactly 2 blocks north of mine.
I have moved away but she still lives in our beloved town, in the cutest cottage.
The last time I saw my Mom was when the Bed and Breakfast she purchased was having the former owners auction.
Robin and I touring her new home addition
Christmas 2011

Little did I know her B&B would become a refuge and source of joy for me over the years.
From 2003-2009 my cousin Mary and I would meet there to spend weekends together.
It was even where we started making our Christmas cookies and our Christmas party, that continues at 1515 till this day!

I need to get to answering the 4 questions.
But it gave me a chance to thank Robin for all the great memories she gave me!

What am I working on now?
no really!
Ok maybe my MIL's 90th birthday party that is Labor Day Weekend

How does my work differ from others?
I focus alot on my ancestors and how they touch my lives ever day even though they may be gone.
How some I did not even know influence me to this day

Why do I write/create?
I put emotions into.
I want to invoke a memory, a happy memory.
My favorite comments are when YOU tell me about a similar experience, or how what I posted brought up a memory from your childhood.
Who else buys there Grandparents home for family get togethers?
Just me, the Sentimental Slob......maybe that should of been my blog name!

Helping my cousin David Bowles do research for his books
also helped, he has encouraged me to write and I have written one chapter of a novel which branches off from his that is "Son's of Adam". I want to the tell the story of the Mitchell's in Illinois where David stopped off and his family went to Texas.

How does my writing process work?
Not sure, I guess when I feel I have something worth while to say, to show.
I just want it to be worth reading for a laugh, a cry or a idea.

Now I pass it on to 3 (don't hate me!)

One of my first followers.
Come to find out she is from near my hometown and her bff was married to my cousin!
She has a beautiful garden and is such a caretaker of animals in need.

Pat and Mr. Ed are fun to follow.
She is always making great arrangements in her living and dining room.
Mr. Ed is a woodworker and I have one of the luck recipients of his
wooden Christmas angels.

She also writes from the heart.
Loved seeing her kitchen transformation and her worldly travels!
A big supporter of me, even so she bought a Charleston Riot tee shirt!


Susie said...

Ann, That is great that you and your school chum and still getting to see each other. Your MIL sure looks good. I totally admire how well you have kept the memories of your family going. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Pat Cantwell said...

I adored reading how and why you began and continue to blog, dear friend!!!Your journey with the historical nature of your family ancestory is quite interesting and I admire how you put your heart and soul into keeping many of the family Traditions!
Oh, my. . .I'll try to do my best, dear friend as I answer these questions for you.
Thank you for your kind words about "Mr. Ed" and my happenings here on the Prairie!!!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Thanks, Ann. So glad you are a blog sister! Nothing like growing up in a small town :)

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Ann
It was great to learn more about you in this post...
Thank you for your comment on our home exchange to The Netherlands. Have a great week!


Sally Annie Magundy said...

Ann, I can remember your saying that Robin was a dear friend of yours - somehow I thought you meant that she was a good blogging friend - how wonderful that she is a real life friend from your childhood and hometown.

I love your posts about your family and your love of genealogy. When I get bogged down, your posts help to renew my interest and encourage me.

Happy Sunday!