Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Is Here

Oh beautiful Autumn is here.........
The stores are decorated and the smell of pumpkin candles!
But what am I doing?
Not decorating  DARN!

We had on of our Fundraisers yesterday for the Riot event.
So I spent Friday and Saturday helping to set it up, and I learned alot.

good trial run for next weekend.
We set up a table to sell our tee shirts
cousin Fred even joined in to help me!
The group sponsoring us was thrilled, they said they had the biggest crowd they had in years and the silent auction they have went well to.
Of course I picked up some goodies myself
I got a 1928 print and it stamped on the back Marshall Fields 
I left it there so I have to go pick it up.

You know how I love Remember me cups
I paid $6

shoe mold, had to it says St. Louis only $4

I hope our auction goes well next week
We have high end items and we are going to do 15 in a live auction and baskets and gift certificates in a silent auction.

One of the antique dealers donated a beautiful birch maple bench
it retails for $500 and is circa 1870
Wish I had some place to put it.

and someone donated a Lalique plate!
I had the antique dealer verify it and yes it is signed
I have only seen these on the antique road show

a signed painting from a local artist

So this is where I have been!
I miss visiting with you, so I apologize.
I go back to work 3 days, then back to 1515 for the auction next week.
Then just 3 more days to work and I am on vacation for 2 weeks in October, so I hope I can decorate then. But I still will be busy with planning........we are going to be in
EIU Homecoming parade!
I haven't been in a parade since High School band.

Tell me what you think of our donated auction items!



Tete said...

Oh, I think you got some great stuff for the auction and love the shoe last. I have several of them myself, my favorites are the baby shoe ones. Its wonderful out there again today. Cooking and getting ready for the coming week here.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love finding those remember me cups and filling them with little treats and passing them on to precious friends. Great finds!

Have a week as beautiful as you!

Susie said...

I loved that cup. I honestly had never seen them before. Blessings, xox,Susie

fabriquefantastique said...

what a lovely gives me a real sense of time and place.