Thursday, January 19, 2012

What is Ahead....................?

Many of us seem to be wondering that right now.
As some of you know, my husband has been struggling with his business.
It is a 3rd generation company. He use to employ 4 people, paid
good wages, and 100% health insurance for his employees.
He even hired his brother when he lost his job and most of
my nephews have worked their during the summer.

It is now just him in a 16,000 foot building...oh he has shadow
I am so glad Shadow is there to protect him and give him kisses.

I have been so blessed to meet fellow bloggers who I consider friends.
Two of my friends Claudia from Mockingingbird Hill Cottage and Elaine from Sunny Simple Life
have joined with 3 other bloggers to talk
about Thrifty Living for 2012.

I so appreciate how candid and open they are right now. It helps to know that
we are not in it alone. It is not about who has the prettiest table,
the nicest living room or the most fabulous kitchen sometimes.
Their words have brought me to tears and comfort today.

I am scared.............

I know I am not alone. My heart aches for my dear husband. He saw a vision
and created a wonderful business. We have been praying since he laid
off his last employee in December 2009.

So I have spent the last 2 days on the phone call services and changing things here.
Cut that phone bill, cut that cable bill. I have come up with about $300 in savings for the month.
I still do not know how much the water line break at 1515 is going to cost.
Every penny is going to count since right now I am the only one bringing home the bacon.

So speaking of that lets us lighten up a little.

I am going to be frugal!
No more, pick up supper on the way home.
This weekend we bought a ham for $10.
We had 2 meals out of and then here is what else I did.

Got out my Cuisinart food processor. This can be a
vintage post Cuisinart I bought in 1983 and
it still works great!
A little egg, pickle relish and mayo
Ham salad

Mix in my spring blossom Pyrex
finished product

cubed up some ham for omelets or for scalloped potato's
ham bone for some pea soup, Mr. favorite
some larger pieces to throw in some green beans
and of course, slices for sandwiches.
It is all going in the freezer.
That is a total of about 10 meals or more.
To perk me up a little I decided to get out and eat on one of
my pretty plates
a handkerchief plate, see it in the design.
My sweet cousin Mary bought it off my
dear friend Lee Ann whom I lost this past year to cancer.
So 2 very special people were near me for lunch.
a sandwich, some cheese nips, and a clementine
a good lunch.
the remainder into my Fire King jadeite refrigerator dish
I have had forever.
It did perk me up a little.
Looking at my things and the people, places and times
of my life have a way of doing that.
I know this time in life will pass.
I have been here before, when my Dad died when I was 18 and
my poor Mother's income was cut in more than half and most
people froze all her credit.
She made it through and had a great retirement, even being able
to have a new car, travel to Europe and keep her home updated.
I have been there when I was 30 and my husband at the time
drained us to the point, I worried about where the next meal was coming.
I made it.
I did not think I would be in this place now...
but as my dear Uncle Don told me once
"everything happens for a reason, we don't know why at the time"
Saturday evening we did go out for dinner and as we pulled in the
driveway Mr. turned to me and said, "I am so glad I have a warm
home to sleep in".
It is a simple as that.
This my words for 2012 I am going to live by.


Cindy said...

You are not alone! The Husband and I are both seeking employment at this time. Lot's of folks are living a more thrifty and frugal life. I'm looking forward to this new series the 5 ladies have kicked off today.

Miss Sandra said...

It's a sad, scary time for many..myself included. I'm in the process of closing my shop that my late-husband opened 40 years ago. I will try to run the business online, but will have to take a side job. It's really tough today. Frugality is the way to go, and with a smile on our face and hope in our hearts, we will wait till this too shall pass. Hang in there and keep thinking the happy, positive thoughts. We are indeed blessed to have a warm home to come to. All the best to you and yours! xo

Shirley said...

Yup, you have lot's of company my dear hubby has been out of work since December 8..we did not let it upset us and continue to be thankful for all the years he did work. One door closes and another opens up..Prayers said that a new adventure is just around the corner. Keep the faith and keep smiling as it will make you feel better. We are all learning new ways to carry on..look at all that delish food..
And that is a beautiful Valentine!

c. Joy said...

It's amazing how so many people can relate to "Thrifty Living." For some it has always been a way of life, for others it has been thrust upon them, and for a few lucky ones, it's a new adventure to try and make the world a better place. BE brave.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Thank you for sharing all of this. I don't think there is a family in America that hasn't been touched in one way or another by the economy. My youngest brother was locked out of his plant when his union couldn't come to terms with the company. He is very worried they many never get called back. I think being frugal is just plain common sense at this point. Use your blog to talk to all of us. Hope you have a wonderful, thrifty weekend!

Thoughts for the day said...

I have been doing the same thing, slimming the budget, paying more attention to meals and how to make it work, instead of a full pound of hamburger we use half now, instead of buying soup I make my own. Surprisingly easy and so good. My husband does have a job but we still struggle with the economy here in Oregon and making it all work. Everything I can do as a 'helper' to him, makes our lives even smoother. Since I have been home for two years it has been very clear to me that my 'job' is to make the budget work and the home fires burning.
Everyone is struggling except those 'on the hill' they have no idea what it like for the average 'folk' in a normal setting.
Lord continue to bless the faithful as we serve you.

Richard Cottrell said...

It is a very tough old world out there. It is a struggle every week for me in this little town of 490 people, 70 miles from no where. I have to really watch every penny and I mean every penny. I understand. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Rose H (UK) said...

Take heart Ann, it's pretty much the same in the UK too. It's looking like redundancy may be looming for my husband too, who has worked for the same company for 35 years. If it does come, we'll manage we have each other and I can make the housekeeping s t r e t c h. Being frugal in this day and age is a must for everyone.
Thank you for your sweet comments :o)
Rose H

NanE said...

Mary, I am so sorry you are having hard times right now but you are NOT alone! I hate to say it, but I think things could get worse for many of us before it gets better. Hubby and I too have started to get more frugal, stocking up on groceries when things are on sale and only buying what we need. I would really like to have a new car, my mini van has over 200,000 miles on it and is a gas hog but I just don't want to take the risk right now of adding a car payment. Oh, I did the same thing with the ham I bought for Christmas, I need to find a good recipe for the ham bone! I'll keep you in my prayers, have a wonderful weekend, Nan

Shelia said...

Oh, Ann, I know this must have been a hard post to write. My heart goes out to you and your hubby! God will honor your making the best of everything you can.
I'm looking forward to this series too. Since my hubby has retired I really do try to do a better job.
You'll be in my prayers, Ann.
Shelia ;)

ann said...

Ann, Yours is a twice told tale X millions. We can only pray that there soon will be a turn around. I love your little saying and with a wonderful outlook that you have, your and your husband will come out on the other side in fine shape regardless of the out come. You have such wonderful support here from your virtual friends. Makes us feel good when we read the graciousness of our blogging friends. Bless you.

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

We moved to our cottage because my husband lost his radio job about 4 years ago. We had to make major changes in our life. But it's like you say. Everything happens for a reason, and we are happier than ever. Sure wish I had that little saying that you have about the cottage, and I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

outjunking said...

I too have been where you and your husband are at. I guess really we are still there. My husband does have a job but a whole lot less pay. Fear that was it and still have some today although I know that fear does not come from the Lord. So on we go and really better for it. I know that we will be and are o.k.
Prayers for you,

Babs said...

Ann, I'm so sorry that your husband's business is struggling. I'm so afraid it's a sign of the times. My mom and dad had a neighborhood grocery store in the '50s and over the years, when some years later,the large grocery stores came to our small town, they struggled to keep afloat. My dad died when I was 19 and mom was left to run the business.Somehow she managed and kept me in college till I graduated. She was a child of the Depression and knew how to be frugal.
Thank goodness you know how to economize. I have known people who are struggling financially and have no clue as to how to make a meal from scratch, or as you did, separate and freeze the ham for many meals. I'm looking forward to the thrifty lifestyle series, I need some new tips and your ham salad looks sooo good.
Hugs and God bless. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Tete said...

Oh Ann- you know a big change is coming and there is another door to open.
10 Years ago, my hubby lost his job. He worked at Bruning on 5th street(Arkwrite, now)
26 years. He went to work at ADM the next spring, and the mall closed that summer. We went from $30 an hour to less than $10 between us.
You would be surprised how much you can live without and there are cheaper ways of doing things.
We do ham that way- but we buy cheaper hams. Bake a whole chicken and you have enough meat for 3-4 different things- big pot things.
Remember potatoes and rice fill you up.
Cooking from scratch is cheaper than buying things pre made.
Make your own pizza, deli sandwiches, and meat salads.
Buy store brands where you can and never pay full price- only buy what is on sale and ad match at Walmart.
You know how to do this- you have been here before.
Trust that God knows what he is doing and has you in his arms. One thing for sure in this life is change. Nothing ever stays the same and we cannot grow otherwise.
Do not be afraid- you will never be homeless- I have a couch.
Now- face this head on and kick some major butt!

Emreen said...

Don't worry Ann .The good lord will protect everyone.

Isaiah 49:16 Behold, I have carved you on the palms of My hands;

NanaDiana said...

Hi Ann- I am proud to say that I am your 200th follower. Tete over at Beyondthegardengate sent me here. I don't feel so great tonight so this will be short, but I want you to know that I have been in your shoes. A long-tme family run business that we sold on contract thinking it would give us some retirement money. It closed in 4 years when the economy went down. I went back to work. This is the 2nd time this happened to us. Hubby had major surgery in the early 90's and we lost just about everything...4 kids at home..and no income while I took care of him so he could recouperate. Somehow you just get through..and get stronger...and tougher...and see things more clearly.
This Spring we will take the big jump to downsize and move to a smaller home. It is scary indeed.
But, like you, I know we can do this..and we will.

It is good to see the REAL out here in Blogland where there is a lot of smoke and mirror "perfection"...cuz we all know there is nothing this side of Heaven that is perfect, don't we?

I am glad I found you! Hugs- Diana

Rebecca said...

Ann, I so hate to hear that about your husbands business. I'll be praying that things will get better but I know better things will come your way. The two of you together will make the best of it because of your love and strength. Thru it we all may learn some néw, wonderful things we had never thought of before. Stay positive and keep leaning on God.

Cindi said...

Why don't you tell us about the business. You never know who might read it that needs just the product or service he is offering. Three generations is something to hold on to, you could tell us about the history. I looked online for his website, but didn't find much. Is there a way he could modernize his approach to getting customers? Good luck in this, so many are having to change their way of life.

Lesley said...

I do think you should say more about your family business so that other readers can help. I am sad to hear about your situation, frugal is the way ahead but I do believe that this tough time is opening an opportunity for you in another direction perhaps or it's a way of making a good change in your life even though it is painful at the moment.
- I've been making a lot of stews, curries and soups to make my budget stretch.

You might want to look at changing to a Tracfone prepaid cell phone plan and use a Tracfone SVC Samsung T155G phone which only costs $14.99 and service only costs $7/month. This phone not only saves you a small fortune but it's got bigger keys and letters on the screen and is light and comfy to carry.

- If I were you I would offer to baby sit some nights for payment, take dogs for walks for payment or offer to wash dogs for payment.
- I would offer to wash and vacuum peoples cars. Heck, I would do almost anything to get some money in. What about making some cheese cakes and pies to sell at a church meeting?
Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to start another small business of your own.
I know you will come out of this situation, just have faith and hug a lot for comfort.